In a white swimsuit, Demi Rose becomes one with the landscape of Greece

In a white swimsuit, Demi Rose becomes one with the landscape of Greece (INSTAGRAM)

In a white swimsuit, Demi Rose becomes one with the landscape of Greece | INSTAGRAM

If we have something very clear, it is that Demi Rose is a British model who is an expert in posing and becoming part of the paradisiacal places she visited, as on this occasion in Greece.

This is the last photograph that he uploaded to his official Instagram, where we can see Demi Rose dressed in a white swimsuit Very cute and embroidered handcrafted, which made it look spectacular and combine perfectly with the white houses of the city.

As we know Greece has a characteristic city in which all buildings are white, so the model intelligently thought of combining with the landscape to show off her great beauty and at the same time take advantage of it to pamper her loyal followers.

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It seems that the photography is not current but it is a collaboration with a brand of travel agencies with which the British had contact in this last trip to the Maldives.

If you are a fan of Demi Rose you will know that she lasted a month in the Maldives of adventure with her friends and showing off her beauty with excellent professional models, for which they attracted the attention of millions on social networks and ended up making that country reactivate its economy thanks to the tourism that was generated.

Demi Rose considers that many underestimate the power of social networks, which is why she showed that its influence does work and what made many people more stable in their economy thanks to the visit of her and her friends, which is why she was contacted by This travel company with whom he is now is working to support other places.


As you can already see, this 2020 is making it very difficult for many people, including cities that depend on tourism, so it is Greece’s turn to have the world’s attention thanks to the beautiful Rose, also a creator of entertainment.

Many cities in the world are going through a super difficult situation economically since not many are encouraging travel, because it is best to stay at home until a vaccine appears and we have the possibility of traveling totally safe.

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It would be very important that the people who can do it and who would do it with all the necessary care, help to reactivate these types of cities for which Demi Rose was very concerned and at the same time took the opportunity to improve her income, because as we know she works directly with brands.

There is no doubt that Demis Rose is making an internet sensation and is building an empire, which is backed by her name and of course her great beauty.

Many know Demi Rose as the girl with the curves and an expert in posada in swimsuits, so we will continue to hear a lot about her and we recommend that you keep an eye on Show News so you don’t miss any new details.

For this reason it is raffling two round trips totally free for those users who decide to participate by liking their photo, following the travel company’s account and tagging a friend, so you can participate by doing these simple steps .

Demi Rose wishes that one of her loyal followers wins the trip because this would help a lot to someone to have a great time and especially to enjoy the benefits that Demi Rose seeks to grant to all those who pressure.