In a white corset, Alexa Dellanos models her enormous charms

In a white corset, Alexa Dellanos models her enormous charms | INSTAGRAM

The gorgeous international model Alexa Dellanos has not stopped producing attractive content since he started posting photos on his social media, achieving her great popularity thanks to the excellent quality that she handles and also because she is the daughter of one of the most recognized and professional hosts and presenters of Telemundo: Myrka dellanos.

On this occasion we will address a photograph that I was remembering in his stories, in which he is wearing a white corset that made his charms they looked practically perfect in front of the camera, a detail that her fans loved too much and that they had some excellent moments watching it.

There is no doubt that the young woman has been improving the quality of her photos a lot and in this we can appreciate an excellent illumination that makes your figure, your face and your eyes look perfectly outlined and with very vivid colors.

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The entertainment piece had already been published form publicationHowever, to this day he remembered her because he likes her outfit a lot and this was also thought by many of her followers who come to be inspired by her to use similar combinations.

With that flirty look and those honey-colored eyes, Alexa has managed to conquer more than 3 million users on Instagram seeking to reach 4 million, so you would help a lot in sharing its content with your friends to support it.

Another very entertaining place are his stories where he also shares totally new photos and videos that no one had seen before, such as the last images he shared in which he was in the Gym premiering his new orange and black Nike tennis shoes.


There he also announced that he was working on his legs to be able to strengthen them even more and that they look perfect in the photos and videos all this to be able to continue working with the fashion and fashion brands that he enjoys so much and what is a great part of his career. one that by the way seeks to grow even more.

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She was also congratulating one of her friends by posting a milestone video of her thanks to the fact that she was using the filter she posted on Instagram, so Alexa Dellanos published her own filter and you can use it now if you go and search for it with her name in that application.

Another very interesting detail is that Alexa is no longer able to wait another moment to travel, after the world situation and having been locked up practically most of the time at home, she promised herself to spend as much time as possible on the beach or pool so you are more than ready to go on a trip.

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