In a swimsuit, Jem Wolfie frames her curvy silhouette

In a swimsuit, Jem Wolfie frames her curvy silhouette | Instagram

The model Australian Jem Wolfie is a sensation in the internet world and every day the number of followers grows more and the truth is that her beauty is indisputable and has managed to steal the hearts of thousands of people.

The fitness girl He surprised everyone with his basketball skills, so much so that it has been argued that he could defeat NBA superstar Stephen Curry.

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He played semi-professional basketball, however, at 17 years of age he suffered a crippled knee and had to retire, so he turned to the barbell rampage and competing only recreationally.

This time the also businesswoman she delighted her fans from the beach wearing a full-length swimsuit that perfectly framed her figure and front charms.


Health and fitness have always been a passion for me since I was little. I grew up playing many sports; she was an active and healthy pupil, “he commented in an interview.

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In addition to her hobby of basketball, she has become a well-known Instagram model and that even requires an explanation.