In a sophisticated white top, Livia Brito inspires on Instagram

In a sophisticated white top, Livia Brito inspires on Instagram | Instagram

The actress Livia Brito caused a stir recently after reappearing in a couple of photos where she wore a white top, the next actress from “The soulless“Not only did he waste his beauty, he also shared a strong reflection for all his followers.

With her hair loose and surrounded by the rays of the sun, Livia brito, He posed outside with a garment that mostly highlighted his qualities, in addition to inspiring his “aLIVIAnados”

The “Cuban actress“34-year-old who resumes her acting career after several months of absence, asks her fans to never stop pursuing their dreams.

Let’s never stop learning my #BebesDeLuz, because life never stops teaching us.
Have a very nice night. #Liviabrito # sweet dreams #BonitaNoche

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Livia Brito Pestana, who apparently saw her career collapse due to a strong controversy, finally resumed acting in a production that will soon premiere on July 5 in primetime under the production of José Alberto “El Güero” Castro.

The interpreter of “Fernanda Sandoval”, the role with which she debuted in Mexico in 2010, added more than 134,000 likes in one of her recent publications, in which she also received several comments and reactions from followers who were captivated by her beauty.

Preciosisimaaaaaaaaa, ‘BEAUTIFUL!’, ‘Hello baby, I love you very much’, ‘Esque la Britooooo’, ‘Muñecaaaa’, ‘Ayyyy how beautiful’, ‘There is always something new to learn’, was read in some of the comments by part of his faithful “babies of light”.

It should be remembered that Livia Brito would have already caused a stir in the first photograph that left more than one of her followers speechless, the snapshot in which she also gave great advice to her 6 million loyal fans.

If the plan doesn’t work for us, let’s change the plan but not our goal #BebesDeLuz #liviabrito #goza #live #aLIVIAnados

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In this first snapshot, the “model” reiterated once again why she has been chosen over and over again as one of the faces that have shaped various projects on Televisa.

There is not a day that Livia Brito Pestana does not make everyone fall in love with her particular features, and her sophisticated way of wearing each garment or outfit, this time a white top was the one that got all the prominence in her recent Instagram content.

And it is that she also interprets remembered characters such as “Yolanda Cadena” in “La Piloto”, or other melodramas such as “Abismo de pas! Ón”, Italian girl comes to marry “,” I love you, I love you “,” Triumph Of Love “and many others, has shown that it can dominate almost any trend and color.

During this summer season, it has been light colors such as white or bronze, even olive green or platinum colors that “Livi” has become her main allies in fashion.

Even Brito Pestana has also pleased his followers by showing himself in lace interiors, which has left several arrows with his popular charm.

In particular, it is some of her sessions on the beach, one of the favorite places of the future protagonist of “Fernanda Linares”, which have become other favorites of her followers.

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In the new Televisa production about to hit the screens, Livia Brito will be the co-star of “La Desalmada” and who will share credits with other figures such as José Ron, Marlene Favela, Marjorie de Sousa, Sergio Basáñez, Cecilia Galliano, Raúl Araiza, Kimberly Dos Ramos, Laura Carmine, Alberto Estrella, Verónica Jaspeado, Julio Vallado, Eduardo Santamarina, Francisco Gattorno, Gonzalo García Vivanco, Ana Martín, Azela Robinson; among others.

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