In a nightgown Livia Brito poses from the comfort of her bed

In a nightgown, Livia Brito poses from the comfort of her bed (Reformation)

In a nightgown Livia Brito poses from the comfort of her bed | Reform

His photographs have received thousands of likes and Livia brito He enjoys drawing the attention of his followers with each of his publications, where he fills the users of the social network with sighs, always leaving them wanting more.

It was through her official Instagram account that the actress, Livia Brito, delighted the pupil of all her followers with photographs of a delicate lingerie.

In his official Instagram account, he shared two photographs almost a year ago in which he is appreciated with a baby doll in brown, on a bed doing various poses, playing with feathers and white sheets.

In this way, the beautiful and renowned Televisa actress, Livia Brito, caused a stir and uproar by showing off in this way with tremendous modeling in a nightgown.

With the cold of December it seems to be in bed all day, does the same thing happen to you, #aLIVIAnados? “, Wrote Livia in the publication.

Despite being a somewhat old publication, it continues to make a great impression among its followers and so far the photographs have more than 170 thousand likes and endless comments from users of the renowned social network.

Always so beautiful, always continue like this “,” I swear you are beautiful “,” The maple and cinnamon dyes on your skin sweeten the look of this humble admirer “,” I have this photo of you and it occurs to me to say, natural world and take me to a trance “, were some of the many comments.

No doubt Livia brito She is considered one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in soap operas and has shown why she could easily be one of the most flirtatious and favorite outgoing actresses in Havana, Cuba.

As you may recall, for some years that her career took off and despite the fact that at the beginning it was not easy at all, the protagonist of “Italian girl is coming to marry” managed to make a great reputation among soap operas and some television programs.

Despite the fact that she has had several problems due to the confrontation with a photographer, Livia Brito’s fans continue to support her, since those kinds of mistakes could be made by anyone and her talent, charisma and beauty probably weigh much more for her followers than other any problem in which it may be involved.

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However, the beautiful actress despite everything has decided to focus only on the positive and remains current with her followers on social networks, where she very often shares content and photos of herself and her day to day life.

It is worth mentioning that Livia brito It has to date with more than five million only on its official Instagram account, however, it should be remembered that not everyone has this application so that number is surely much larger.

It is worth mentioning that despite being a very reserved celebrity in her dress, she also delights Internet users with her beautiful figure and some photographs of her wearing beautiful lace b @ by dolls and others can be found on her Instagram; showing his flirtatious side that he does not usually abuse.

Livia Brito Pestana made her debut in Mexico in 2010 and became known with her role as Fernanda Sandoval in the Mexican telenovela “Triunfo del amor,” which won her first youth actress award.

This managed to open the doors for her to perform more roles in her acting career and she is also known for playing Yolanda Cadena in “The pilot”.

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