He world of cosmetics It has evolved over the years in a huge way: thousands of brands emerge year by year, incorporating new materials, even ranges of colors that no one knew.

Customers see the wonderful quality of the products and do not hesitate to go to a store to buy them, But what happens when it breaks? He lip It is one of the most likely to break or melt, is there a solution for it? Yes there is, easily, inexpensively and it will take you only a minute of your time.

How to repair a broken or melted lipstick. In just a minute, get your broken lipstick ready, like new!

In principle, it is necessary identify the problem: if your favorite lipstick meltedThat is, it lost its shape because you have not kept it in the right place or have subjected it to a heat source while carrying it in your bag, you just have to keep it in the fridge (in case it has not been completely deformed).

If not, you will have to put it for 20 or 30 seconds in the microwave oven until completely melted. Then, you can transfer it to a new container where it « revives » and you can use it again on your beautiful lips.

In just a minute, get your broken lipstick ready, like new!

If you have broken a piece, proceed to cut the part of the tip to equalize it. Then, with a dryer, slightly heat the portion that is still inside the tube, then join the broken part to it and, with a spatula, smooth the joint area. You can reapply a little heat to make this step easier and completely sealed. Let it cool and voila!