In a leopard robe, Kourtney Kardashian shows off in the morning

In a leopard robe, Kourtney Kardashian shows off in the morning | INSTAGRAM

Since the businesswoman Y American celebrity Kourtney Kardashian expressed her relationship with the musician Travis Barker, he looks happier than ever and much more attractive than before, this we can assure you.

In addition to the fact that we have been able to observe her becoming a little more active in her social media, sharing everything he can about the products he offers in his different businesses and of course, showing how full he is with his current partner.

Everything seems to be perfect in the life of the older sister from the famous Kardashian Jenner clan, so much so that now, she showed herself without shame wearing only her night gown, very fashionista with leopard print, with which in addition to looking beautiful and radiant when she woke up, she gave an important advertisement to her loyal audience.

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Telling what his secret is to looking so young at his age, it was how Kourt captivated the audience on the internet by sharing his newly lifted postcards, with all the details that this implies.

That’s right, the socialite appeared disheveled and without a single drop of makeup On her face, yes, placidly taking its respective collagen, with which she remains always attractive, radiant, beautiful and with her skin fully hydrated, something that all women want on their face when they wake up and throughout the day.

In the publication that includes four wonderful postcards that show all the natural beauty of Kim Kardashian’s older sister, we can observe her very flirtatious with the photographer, we imagine that it is her lover, in addition, it is seen that without a doubt she enjoys her smoothie of vitamins, in this way takes care of your skin and clearly your body on the inside.

This is how the beautiful businesswoman adorned social networks with her publication, capturing the eyes of those who have had the opportunity to see her totally happy, very beautiful, flirtatious and uninhibited, just waking up from her night, receiving the morning with a delicious nutritious shake that keeps it strong, hydrated and beautiful.

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A beauty and nutritional treatment, with which she shows herself to look more and more beautiful and super young even though the years go by, although you wanted to know her secret, now there you have it.

The publication has reached more than 800 thousand likes and a huge number of comments, of which the fans stand out who thank him for revealing their secrets of beauty and vitality, as well as thanking him for his beauty reflected in the charming images that he gives them. to his faithful audience.

Although it is not one of the favorites by the public on social networks, Kourtney has shown over time to learn from her famous little sisters and do the same as them to position herself as one of the Americans with the most followers on Instagram, although it really is very complicated compete with Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian, however ñ, she does not remove her finger from the line and daily shares her items for sale and photographs of herself, her beloved children or her current partner, showing off her dream life

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