In a flirty bodysuit, Lana Rhoades poses on a skateboard

In a flirty bodysuit, Lana Rhoades poses on a skateboard | Instagram

The beautiful former actress and model Lana Rhoades has shown to know of several things that one does not imagine and this of course draws the attention of her followers a lot and it is for that reason that they do not stop filling her with compliments.

As you may recall, the American managed to completely dethrone Mia Khalifa in the industry of special content for adults, she is 24 years old and started in the cinema in 2016.

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On this occasion we will delight you with a photograph in which she looks really striking, in it she models a pretty flirty outfit while she is on top of a skateboard.


That is how Rhoades Once again, he grabbed the spotlight and heated up social networks by showing his shapely anatomy in a very attractive way.

It should be noted that the young woman continually wears outfits that are quite open from the front, since she has many attributes and beauty that she boasted of being one of the most sought-after models on the internet in recent times.

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In fact, despite the fact that she is retired, many users remember her with great pleasure and dedicate themselves to observing her videos where they met her and surely the reason why they faithfully follow her in everything she does on social networks.