In a difficult year, it is a recognition of the athlete: Guevara

Erendira Palma Hernandez

La Jornada newspaper
Saturday, November 21, 2020, p. a10

Ana Gabriela Guevara, director of the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (Conade), explained that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was the one who decided to deliver an economic stimulus of 240 thousand pesos for the second consecutive year to the athletes who participated in the Pan American Games of Lima 2019, regardless of whether or not they had a pass to the Tokyo Olympics.

We could have established different criteria such as only giving this stimulus to those who were classified in Tokyo, but the president’s interest was to deliver it again to all those who went to Lima regardless of whether they had a chance of reaching the Games, he said at the end of the delivery. of the National Sports Award.

The President is enthusiastic and always collaborative. It has been a complicated year for athletes living it with anguish and uncertainty due to Covid-19. The support is recognition for athletes, even if they are not classified for Tokyo, he added.

Guevara explained where the funds were obtained to cover the budget of 222 million pesos that will be distributed among 900 athletes and coaches from conventional and Paralympic disciplines.

This is a totally out of budget stimulus. The resource is taken from what was not exercised in the three priority sports: baseball, boxing and walking. A part was from there and the rest was contributed by the Insabi (Institute of Health for Well-being). A total of 222 million were labeled, he detailed.

Given the disappearance of Fodepar, Guevera acknowledged that Conade is undergoing a restructuring to organize and distribute the budget for athletes.

We are at work tables, both with the Ministry of Finance and Education to rearrange everything, because we are practically going to reinvent Conade. Although the trust had this hybrid situation because it was protected, the mechanics helped to have a more expeditious flow. Today we have to rethink it because of the urgency of the athletes’ needs, but there is a sympathy on the part of the Secretary of the Treasury and the President to have the resources, although we must work against the clock because the competition calendar begins in January, he said.

He revealed that due to the delays caused by Covid-19 in the elimination competitions, expectations about the Mexican delegation to the Tokyo Olympics have changed.

Regarding the supposed intention to run for the governorship of Sonora, he assured that he will stay in Conade as a request from President López Obrador.