In a complex phase within the octagon, Ronaldo Jacare wants to show that he can still give more

Back at UFC 262 to show he can hit big in the middleweight division. Ronaldo Jacare is ready for a war front Andre Muniz.

In a complex phase, the Brazilian said on the media day of the event that he wants to show that he is still alive and plans to kill his rival this Saturday.

“I have to do something. Sometimes young lions kill old lions, but sometimes they die trying. I want to kill that guy. I want to show that I am still alive ”, explained Jacare.

The Brazilian also spoke about the difficult phase he is experiencing in his career and commented on the knockout he suffered in front of Kevin Holland in his last fight.

“It was horrible for me. Nobody expected that, but he did a great job and he beat me. I was bad after the fight, I got up with my head high and continued working. That was crazy and it’s never going to happen again. That year was not good for me. I had never been on a three-game losing streak even when competing in jiujitsu. “ affirmed the middleweight.

When asking about his rival this Saturday, Jacare showed knowledge about the playing style of Andre muniz and he emphasized his willingness to show that he can still be part of the middleweight elite again.

“I know he has excellent jiu jitsu. Andre is a strong guy, a young fighter and I know him because he is from Brazil. He faced fighters that I know. When they gave me that fight, I only accepted because I am not in a good position and I am still alive ”, concluded the veteran.

Considered one of the best fighters in the division in recent years, Ronaldo Jacare seems to be far from the peak of his career. The middleweight is on a three-game losing streak. His last victory was in UFC 238, when he knocked out Chris Weidman. His current record is 26-9 Y 1 No Answer.

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