In a cherry swimsuit, Yanet García shows off her slim figure

In a cherry swimsuit, Yanet García shows off her slim figure (Instagram)

In a cherry swimsuit, Yanet García shows off her slim figure | Instagram

The former weather girl Yanet Garcia Once again, she left her millions of followers breathless on social networks by wearing an incredible swimsuit, proving to be one of the most beautiful women of entertainment in all of Latin America.

There is no doubt that Yanet García has become a true celebrity of Instagram, this thanks to his s3nsual publications in which he boasts his exercised figure.

It was like this this time with a s3xy Swimwear Two-piece in cherry color with a puppy print, Yanet García delighted the pupil of her loyal followers, posing in front of the mirror.

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Yanet García always has that dose of motivation that we need in the morning to take the dumbbells and put that extra effort in the exercise, since her impact body motivates us to get the best version of ourselves.

And in fact, in addition to being a good example of healthy living, Yanet is a woman who uses fashion to her advantage and gives us constant style chairs with the best clothes in her wardrobe.

If you are lucky enough to be different, never change ”, wrote Yanet in the publication.

After the publication, the actress also received thousands of compliments, among which they highlighted that it is very beautiful seen from the front and the back.


So gorgeous “,” You look spectacular “,” You are not only a beautiful ass, you have a great body “,” From the front you can see that you have a tremendous cUl0T3 “, were some of the comments.

It is worth mentioning that he currently has a beautiful relationship with Lewis Howes and shares every moment with his fans on Instagram.

From the Instagram social network, the former weather girl turns on social networks with her photos or videos where she shares her routines, her best outfits, her outings around the city and other activities she does.

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That is how Yanet Garcia Once again it is a trend of all the news portals of the entertainment world throughout Latin America and this time thanks to this iconic photograph on his Instagram profile demonstrating the great figure he has.

On the other hand, since a couple of years ago when she stopped being “the weather girl”, the 30-year-old girl born in the city of Monterrey has dedicated herself through her social networks to providing health advice and workout routines to her more than 13 million fans.

There they share videos of their respective workouts as well as promote various food products for body care.

And in addition to participating as a presenter on the small screen, the beautiful Mexican actress was part of the cast in two films for international cinema.

The first was in 2017, where he had a minor role in the American feature film called Sharknado 5: Global Swarming and later, after two years, his first leading role in the Spanish production called “Bellezonismo” arrived.

It is worth mentioning that with dedication, perseverance and the appropriate exercises, it is possible to achieve voluminous and toned buttocks just like García.

And indeed the key to Yanet’s exercise routine could be summed up in three simple exercises: leg raises, squats, and lunges.

Additionally, Yanet often adds weights to her workouts to raise the difficulty level for her thanks to deadweight lifting.

Lots of people think that you have to starve to look good. Here the important thing is to know, include proteins, which can be chicken, fish, tuna, egg whites, vegetables and carbohydrates or good fats, such as avocado, that help you develop muscle mass, if that is your case “, He said.