The coronavirus or COVID-19, in addition to bringing us one of the most important health crises that not only Europe, but the entire world in its history, has had to face, has brought us many changes in our lives. The fact that we cannot go outside our homes has caused teleworking (something that was seen by many companies as evil) to become something indispensable.

Beyond the fact that because of the coronavirus we consume more Netflix or YouTube, some large companies have seen that despite being in a crisis situation, you can also make a profit. A clear example is Microsoft and is that the use of its cloud services have been increased by nothing more and nothing less than 775%. Not in vain millions of people find themselves in these hard moments teleworking at home.

But Microsoft is not going to be the only beneficiary of all this. Other major companies like Google or Apple too. How? Very simple, to work at home or just for leisure activities we need applications and toolsAnd who are the companies with the world’s largest app stores?

Consumer spending on apps will double in 2024

According to the latest study by expert analyst firm Sensor Tower, the app market is stronger than ever. Of course the COVID-19 has a lot to do with the fact that being at home has caused the massive download of many apps and services related to education or work, while other apps related to fast food have seen their downloads decrease .

Despite all this, the number of downloaded applications will increase even after the virus leaves us. According to this study, the growth in downloads will grow exponentially in the coming years and that is that in 2024 we will double the current figures. This means that if in 2019 we spend a total of $ 85 billion when it comes to app purchases, in 2024 we will reach the incredible figure of 171 billion dollars.

The study leaves us with other interesting data. Spending on mobile applications will exceed 100 billion dollars this 2020. More abundantly and for the first time, in 2024 the benefit of non-game mobile apps will be greater than that of mobile video games, all thanks to subscriptions and the fact that consumers are more and more used to not paying for an app, but to subscribing to them. Of course and once again, the App Store will rank above the benefits of the Google app store.

As for the countries that will achieve the most benefits in 2024 due to this massive increase in purchasing applications, nothing changes. China, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom and Taiwan remain in the lead and all this despite the latest restrictive policies in the Chinese market.

In short, we can verify that the user is no longer not afraid to buy apps and services online, but that he has no other choice but to go through the subscription ring. We are not talking about Amazon, Netflix or Spotify style subscriptions, but subscriptions to services and tools essential to your work. Office applications, note taking, productivity, even calendar … developers have seen a vein with subscriptions and that is that to day of giving it is quite difficult to find a single payment application.

And you, have you noticed that you buy more apps than before?

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