“In 2021 I will be able to make different and more entertaining content”

Versatile, hard-working and constant are three adjectives that fit perfectly with the protagonist of our weekly FaceToF4C3: a creator who, in the almost two years it has been in the sector, has managed to be in the top 1 of female streamers with the most hours of reproduction in the month of Januaryor. Does Aroyitt sound familiar to you?

Aroia has always been a lover of video games, but it was in 2019 when she decided to bet on sharing that facet with others. Today It already exceeds one million on Twitch and adds practically the same figure between its two YouTube channels, where it mixes gaming and variety content.

In May of last year, in addition, The streamer joined her path to Mad Lions, a club that helped her in her career and that made the sector begin to take her « more seriously. » « I think it is important to put women in esports teams who really enjoy video games, » she adds regarding the value that she believes to bring to them.

More recently we have seen it in the series of EGOLAND and, taking advantage of the good relationship that unites her with colleagues such as xFaRgAnx, aLexBY11 or vegetta777, hWe have resolved many of the doubts that the community had about the end of the initiative, of which she has offered us her point of view.

This same friendship has been what has led her to Arkadia, the new series in which she claims to feel very comfortable and happy, since Ark has been her « favorite video game for 5 or 6 years. » It also highlights the work of Nexxuz with the server and He explains to us how the issue of voting to elect its members was carried out.

In the meantime, we don’t forget to ask him about his future and, from what he tells us, we can be sure that we have Aroyitt left for a while with « different and more entertaining content. » We can only say that we will be there to see it ;-).