The immediate past of Fabiola Yanez, who with only 38 years became the new Argentine first lady, is loaded with confusing data, a career as a notary and a panelist of gossip programs and numbers that do not close.

He met Alberto Fernández in 2013, when he was 32 years old and the then veteran professor at the University of Palermo was already over 54. In early 2016, they formalized the relationship with an engagement ring at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, in Paris.

Far from militancy and political commitment, Yanez She knew how to conduct a children’s program in Rosario, be a notary in a program on sexuality and get on the tables to act alongside Manuel Wirtz. The climax of his career came from the vedette Moria Casán, with whom he was a panelist in 2018.

The address declared by Yáñez in 2019.

Another record with the address declared by Yáñez, in Puerto Madero.

The discontinued entry of Fabiola by the companies JXA SRL, América TV SA and Circus Entertainment Group SA.

Adept at entertainment, its greatest virtue may be that of financial illusionism, so common in the political race.

During 2019, he received a single income of 5,214 pesos from the producer JXA SRL, the same that came to light after receiving 3.8 million pesos from Maria Eugenia Vidal through the Provincial Institute of Lotteries and Casinos in May 2018, to finance two of its best television programs: Loose Animals and Pamela a la Tarde. Curiously, the millionaire payments coincided with the governor’s visits to these programs.

Fabiola Yáñez was discharged from AFIP for “non-payment for ten consecutive months”.

Despite charging just over 5 thousand pesos a month, Yañez she managed to rent a luxurious apartment in the Harbor Residences towers of Puerto Madero, at 457 Lola Mora street. With her low salary, the current first lady paid 34 thousand pesos for rent, 14,300 pesos for expenses and 1,500 for a garage, in addition to expenses such as ABL and AySA.

At this point, it is worth clarifying that, before being discharged from AFIP for not paying the monotax for “ten consecutive months”, Fabiola Yanez it was category B and it was allowed to invoice fees of no more than 22 thousand pesos per month.

As an example, one of the apartments for rent in the Harbor Residences towers of Puerto Madero.

The building where Yáñez lived.

It is worth remembering, something similar was known to his current partner, the president Alberto Fernández, whose blank numbers also did not allow him to justify his residence in other luxurious towers of Puerto Madero, located on Juana Manso street at 740. Back then, the then humble university professor assured that the department was lending him “a friend”.

The financial situation of Yanez, despite currently living in the Olivos estate, she did not change much: she is still suspended as a monotributista by the AFIP, withdrawn for not complying with her tax obligations. However, she performs costly stage productions daily to cover her press campaigns as a first lady, debuting an incredible variety of designer looks, dresses, suits and shoes.

As is known, the first lady does not charge for acting as such. The question that emerges from there, then, is more than obvious. (

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