The institution indicated that the process to obtain disabilities can be done online through the Social Security application.

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) will grant a 14-day special disability for people with mild symptoms infected with Covid-19, informed the director of Economic and Social Benefits of the institution, Mauricio Hernández Ávila.

This, he pointed out, “with the aim of breaking the chain of transmission, avoiding the circulation of people with symptoms and concentration in the health area and bank offices.”

At a press conference, he explained that people with symptoms of the new coronavirus should request their incapacity through the Social Security application, where they will be asked to fill out a questionnaire.

This will be reviewed by the area of clinical evaluation.

Once approved, detailed, the employer will be notified and the insured will be contacted to make a verification of your bank account where you will receive an 11-day subsidy of 60 percent of your salary. In case of catching at work, he said, it will be 14 days and 100 percent.

Additionally, he indicated, a team will be sent to the patient’s home to avoid contagion from his relatives, which it will contain mouthguards, alcohol-gel, a bacterial antiseptic, thermometer, an instruction on signs and symptoms, and one on how to care for a sick person at home.

“This will guarantee an economic subsidy for the first 14 days (estimated duration of quarantine) that can be prolonged if there are any emergency symptoms, where they are asked to go to the corresponding clinic,” he said. (Ntx.)