If there are signs and symptoms of conjunctivitis after possible contact, it is advisable to go to the doctor to be evaluated, warned the IMSS.

To reduce the possibility of contagion of coronavirus through the eye, specialists from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) suggested that, when a person needs to rub their eyes, they should be washed with saline solution or artificial tears (drops) to eliminate in as possible the presence of Covid-19.

Through a statement, Dr. Mónica González Espinosa, ophthalmopediatrician of the General Hospital of Zone number 2A, commented that during the coronavirus health emergency, there has been talk of a healthy distance, the use of a mouthpiece, hand washing, pI take very little care to be taken with the eyes.

« Although it is true that it has been said that they should not be touched, it is also important to highlight not rubbing them, wearing protective glasses, whether they are with graduation or sunglasses, » he said.

Dr. González explained that If signs and symptoms of conjunctivitis appear after possible contact, it is advisable to go to the doctor to be evaluated. « It is important to be alert to the possibility of respiratory symptoms appearing later, » he said.

For his part, the cornea specialist, Jaime Álvarez Delegate, considered that It is important to avoid, if possible, the use of contact lenses, but if it is essential to bring them, you must carry out strict hand cleaning before and after putting them on or taking them off.

He specified that strict eye care must be taken during confinement, as exposure to screens or reading increases. « Staying all day at home may not be so favorable for the eyes, since mobile devices are the perfect companions for the time we live. »

The specialist explained that the overload for the eyes it can be harmful over the days due to the long time spent in front of the computer and cell phone screen, since it can produce a great dryness of the eye due to the tendency to unconsciously decrease the number of blinks per reflex.

He recommended resting from time to time, as well as blinking frequently to help reflex flicker that has been slowed by the effect of the screen.

He added that it is very important that if the person wears glasses for any vision problem, they put them on when they are in front of the screenBecause they often forget to use them and only give their eyes more work.

Álvarez Delgado stressed that another aspect to take care of is reading, since it is a hobby that many beneficiaries have, so precautions must be taken, such as having adequate lighting, avoiding reading in direct sunlight and letting the children rest. eyes from time to time to relax.