IMSS, requirements for permanent disability pension

You can process your permanent disability pension if an illness or an occupational accident prevents you from carrying out your activities in your workplace, and you also received an exam stating that you have a permanent disability.

That pension that you process is not necessarily final, which can be, but the initial process would be to last two years, in this time you could see if you adapt to it. If you decide that this will be your pension, you must present the IMSS certificate of disability.

The IMSS establishes that the pension will be granted for two years, in that time it will be determined whether what has been harmed your body will continue. Photo: Pixabay.

If you are interested, read this note: They propose retirement due to contingency, maximum 33 thousand pesos.

The determination of your situation as permanent disability would occur if your abilities to perform your work are greatly diminished; that is, if it goes beyond a partial disability. If it is impossible for you to recover them, it will be total disability, and the disability would be permanent.

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The IMSS indicates that the pension will be granted for two years, in that time it will be determined whether what has been harmed your body will continue. You can ask for a review and if the IMSS doctors indicate that the problem will continue, you will get the definitive pension.

To apply for the permanent disability pension you need the following:

The validity of your rights as an insured. That the accident that you have suffered or the illness that you suffer is classified as a work risk and in the evaluation of your condition it is determined that the disability is total or partial permanent. That you have the certified opinion of the IMSS medical services in the ST-3 format.

The documents requested by the IMSS to be presented in original or certified copy, also in plain copy:

Identification for Mexicans

Valid official identification with photograph and signature: INE credential, ADIMSS credential; Professional ID, Passport, Military Service Card. Identification for foreigners Passport, immigration document issued by the consular offices of Mexico abroad, residence card, issued by the National Institute of Migration; ADIMSS credential; Professional Certificate Other documents.

They will also ask for a document or identification issued by the IMSS, Infonavit or an AFORE; containing your social security number and name.

Proof of address, which is no more than three months old. Unique Population Registry Code (CURP), simple copy or print obtained from the Internet portal. An original account statement or an impression obtained from the Internet of your Afore page, no more than 6 months old. Proof of the insured’s inscription in the Federal Taxpayers Registry, with homoclave to 13 positions A document from the bank or financial institution authorized by the IMSS that contains the account number and Standardized Banking Code (CLABE), in the name of the beneficiary.

In original for file you must present:

Birth certificate. The opinion of permanent disability due to work risk ST-3, issued by the institutional medical services.

When you have the documents, complete the procedure in the Family Medicine Unit or in the Sub-delegation where you are attached, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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