The study was applied in 300 covid-19 patients and their contacts, which allowed identifying viral proteins to design the antigen; the next step is preclinical testing on mice

Regeneration, June 20, 2020. The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) develops a protein-based vaccine from SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, from the study of the antibodies produced by its first 300 patients covid-19 and through the use of an immune response enhancer already patented by the institution.

The above was made known in an exclusive interview for Millennium by Constantino López Macías, head of the Medical and Immunochemical Research Unit (UIMIQ) of the High Specialty Medical Unit (UMAE) Specialty Hospital of the XXI Century National Medical Center.

“To know how to induce protection we need to know what that protection means, with modern immunology knowledge we see how the body protects itself against infection and we already know what is the necessary antibody response of T lymphocytes and innate immunity, that is , the protection components, so we know how we can induce them ”, declared for Millennium, the head of the UMAE.

The study that applied to 300 patients covid-19 and his contacts, allowed us to identify viral proteins to design the IMSS vaccine antigen that works with an adjuvant – an immune response enhancer – developed some years ago in the same salmonella protein-based research unit, and that is already patented by the IMSS.

“What was done was to identify which fragments of the virus the immune system recognizes and which can be used as a vaccine. It is a subunit vaccine that we are doing at the IMSS; However, these subunits are not as immunogenic, some enhancer must be added – they are called adjuvants – and they are mixed with substances that help boost the immune response, as is the case of the adjuvant that was developed in the IMSS that we are going to use to this vaccine ”

The researcher explains to Milenio that when a person becomes infected with covid-19, the human body undertakes a battle to defend itself against the virus, so when identifying the winning antibodies, “To those who won that war we asked: how did you do it to win, and then with that information, we use it to train the immune system of others”

The vaccine is in the production phase of the antigens to begin preclinical tests in mice; He explained that after laboratory tests, the next step is to produce it and ensure that it can be scaled; hence the importance of being part of the group of scientists representing Mexico before the Coalition for Innovation in the Preparation of Epidemics (CEPI)

In the group CEPI academic entities like the UNAM and the IPN“We would be doing this very likely in the coming months so that we are evaluating these candidates in preclinical models”

With information from Millennium