The IMSS reported that worker-employer contributions may be paid deferred, as a way of supporting employers in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) will limit until the conclusion of the National Day of Healthy Distance so that the almost 100 thousand employers who have fallen into debt of the worker-employer contributions can voluntarily adhere to the Simplified Partial Payment Agreement and thereby avoid fines and surcharges.

At a press conference in National Palace, the director of Incorporation and Collection of IMSS, Norma Gabriela López Castañeda, explained that they communicated via email with the employers who had fallen in default, to find out if they would sign up to the agreement to regularize themselves.

He made it clear the importance of people adhering to this deferred payment scheme in 12-month installments, because once the healthy distance ends, “the IMSS you have to recover the debts; so there are still time and benefits ”.

He recognized that these supports are given before the health emergency by the COVID-19 and the benefits are that immediately upon signing the agreement, the employers freeze all of the payment, and only the surcharge rate established by the Income Law is covered.

“Any exercise of the powers of the authority to exercise the tax credit (debt) is suspended and it can be agreed, without there being a revolving theme; that is to say that the debt continues to grow and that it becomes a payment in which they can lose their assets, ”he explained.

In the agreement, he said that they only ask that they submit their documents via mail and request to register the agreement and since this is ” spontaneous payment without the requirement of the authority, then, due to the issue of health contingency, the collection of fines is not generated ”.

The payment of the workers quota one hundred percent is made, the employer to 20 percent and the remaining 80 percent will be paid deferred to 12 months, the part of Old Age and Old Age Unemployment Insurance (RCV) is also not deferred.

Thus, he exemplified, if an employer must pay 39 thousand pesos of quotas worker-employersWhat can be deferred is 30 thousand pesos, of that amount you would only pay 20 percent, that is, six thousand pesos, and the rest is deferred to 12 monthly payments of 2,168 pesos, which already include interest and surcharges.

Said payment agreement is granted without tax guarantees, but the official warned that if in the first bias the payment is breached, the guarantee is requested to not expose the income of the institute and if the guarantee is regularized and presented, but there is a second default, then the Institute exercises its powers with fines, surcharges and even embargoes.

With information from Notimex