Improving job performance is possible with these tips

The life of a worker is divided into two: his work and his personal life.

First things first: what is causing a performance decline?

It is very important to motivate employees and recognize a job well done.

If you notice that the productivity of your company has dropped, surely some point of the process is wrong. This point may be a member of your staff, who feels especially listless or down, has neglected their tasks and put aside what they previously did with great enthusiasm. Falling into a routine can lead to this type of behavior, which drives us to the labor presenteeismIn other words, when an employee attends work, they do not perform their tasks adequately. This can occur both consciously and unconsciously and although it may be a personal problem, it also has to do with the work environment that one lives. To improve performance, you must understand the problem and here we give you some keys to achieve it.

If the general mood is low, it is to some degree normal, given the circumstances we live in the world today. The COVID-19 pandemic brought health problems, both physical and mental, and with it worries, stress and new ways of working to which it took some more work to adapt. If you are in “Home office”, but you have to take care of small children at the same time, that is another factor to consider. Some companies, even unaware of other work models, increased the workload and got into personal lives after hours. To this, let’s add possible relatives who are sick from the new coronavirus and the uncertainty of the future. The disaster cocktail is ready, but to keep performance down, apply these remedies.

Find the origin

First things first: what is causing a performance decline? What is the origin? Is it something general or particular? Does it come from the company or the workers? The first thing is that you know where the fault is so that later you can attend to it.

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After identifying the point, the next thing is to communicate. If it is a problem with a particular employee, talk to him, try to understand his concerns and problems. If it’s a bigger issue, analyze the situation and don’t forget to keep open communication with everyone about what happens.

Learn to give feedback

Feedback is very important, but it is not that simple. It’s very important motivate employees and acknowledge a job well done, not just talk about negative issues. Help his strengths grow and make him feel more confident.

Improve the climate

To the work environment it can become much more important than a high salary. It’s no exaggeration that the better we feel at a job, the longer we’ll stay there. Try to do other types of social activities, support the training and always be empathetic.

A flexible balance

The life of a worker is divided into two: his work and his personal life. Thanks to more flexible work models, you can give him the opportunity not to neglect his family and friends, so that his spirits are much higher when he returns to attend to his responsibilities.