Paper Mario: The Origami King It is just around the corner and we have already been able to play it to bring you our impressions of what it aims to be, the Nintendo Switch summer game. The Origami King is the premiere on Nintendo Switch of this RPG saga full of humor and color that, even if it seems a lie, the guys from Intelligent Systems (the same as Fire Emblem) do and that it stars a nice two-dimensional version of our beloved mustachioed plumber: Paper Mario. Although it is true that the last installments that we could enjoy on Wii U and 3DS divided the fans, everything seems to indicate that the criticisms have been heard and the saga is getting back in the right direction. You want to know more? Well keep reading!

What a piece of paper

Our adventure begins when Mario and Luigi are invited to the Mushroom Kingdom Origami Fair. As you can imagine, it turns out that the famous brothers are not going to be able to have the party in peace and discover that Princess Peach has become origami and that the Mushroom Kingdom is under threat from the King of Origami, Olly. After escaping from the castle before being turned into origami, Mario sets out on a new adventure in order to rescue Princess Peach and restore normality to the Mushroom Kingdom. We’re not going to gut anything else out of the story in this trailer, but while the premise may seem simple, we’re sure there are more factors to consider than might seem at first. Another novelty of the game are folding arms, which allow us to alter certain parts of the map and discover hidden secrets, for example. However, the most striking thing about this installment is the combat system, which we are going to talk about next.

The fighting in Paper Mario: The Origami King is a breath of fresh air to Paper Mario’s turn-based formula. This twist of the nut (never better said), focuses on a circular combat arena, where the enemies are located in the different rings inside of the same. To give you an idea, it’s like a dart board. Our turn allows us to make a limited number of movements with a countdown (although we can buy more time with money or increase it by equipping a certain accessory) to solve the puzzle, that is, align the enemies so that we can attack them in a group and thus obtain a damage bonus. Then, we have a series of actions to be carried out during the combat itself, being able to choose our best equipment, such as iron boots to be able to step on the pricks without problems or heal us, for example. If we manage to solve the puzzle and defeat the enemies in a single turn, we get more money, which comes in handy for certain moments of the game where we need to spend part of the money we accumulate, such as buying more time to think about how to solve the puzzle.

Mastering this new combat system is key

Unfortunately, character levels have been removed, no experience points And that can make fighting against the enemies that swarm around the stage something totally expendable, beyond taking money or confetti. Speaking of confetti, this element is very important during the game, since as we explore the map we discover that there are numerous holes. Luckily for Mario, he can fill these holes with the confetti he gets by defeating enemies or smashing objects on stage with his hammer. Notably the map is interconnected, so we can return to scenarios that have already been overcome and explore them with ease. Also, the completists are in luck Since these holes we mentioned before, as well as the Toads and collectible trophies that are scattered around the stages, promise to keep us busy for a season.

Exploring the scenarios is quite satisfying, since there are some other platform elements that work very well during the search for collectibles. Be careful, because at some other time, exploring beyond our means can end in combat. However, if we have enough money, we always we can pay the Toads we have recruited to lend us a hand during our shift. The more Toads we have rescued, the greater the combat effects we pay for. For example, they can give us some other consumable object, heal us, or even attack enemies, so they become allies to take into account in the most complicated combats, although our pocket suffers.

Paper Mario: The Origami King – An Uncut Adventure

The impressions that the title has given us are quite positiveIn fact, it seems to us that it is a game that has not cut content and that promises to have a more than acceptable duration. It is still too early for us to risk giving an approximate figure, but we think it will be a very complete game. The characteristic humor of the saga, as well as many things to look for on the maps as we complete the story, makes us think that Paper Mario: The Origami King will be the reconciliation of many players with the saga. The new combat system, although it may seem complex at first, the game is in charge of introducing and explaining it very well, experiencing the changes, which make it deeper and deeper, in a very staggered way, to ensure that we have understood it. We miss being able to level up and having to « train » to face some more complex combat, but it is true that The puzzle that some fights involve already adds that extra difficulty.

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Stay tuned for our full analysis of the game, as there we will delve into the boss fights, what the story has seemed to us and its duration, as well as other aspects that we discover when we really get into the folds of this great adventure of Mario on Nintendo Switch. We take this opportunity to invite you to leave us your doubts about the title, so that we can answer you, as far as possible or directly focus on some of those aspects during the analysis.