Impossible! Yanet García has a new boyfriend after recent breakup

Impossible! Yanet García has a new boyfriend after recent breakup | Instagram

It has recently become known that the famous ex weather girl Yanet García is having a new boyfriend after her ex-partner allegedly ended the relationship for sharing photos and videos to OnlyFans.

That’s right, it seems that conductive The love for his followers has changed and it is that although they had two years of relationship and wedding plans, Lewis Howes decided to put an end to Yanet for his risque photos.

30-year-old Yanet Garcia seemed to have found love stability with 38-year-old millionaire Lewis Howes.

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However, a few weeks ago the relationship between them came to an end and a friend of the presenter talked a little about the true reasons for the controversial separation and announced that Yanet already has a new conquest and is a young millionaire.

According to the person, today Yanet is living in New York, where she recently became certified as a health coach and does photo sessions for her OnlyFans account, a platform in which she signed up in April.

As you may remember, her fans asked her if she had a boyfriend and she answered no, confirming her breakup with Lewis Howes, something that her followers had suspected because they no longer upload photos together.

It should be noted that Lewis came into his life in 2019 and it was the perfect match, as he is a former professional football player, speaker, marketing consultant, business coach and with a fortune of 100 million dollars, and to be true, everyone expected that he was the man Yanet had been waiting for so long, however, and unfortunately he was not.

The two lived two years of happy relationship, without a doubt he treated her like a queen, they traveled to different parts of the world, such as Turkey, and went to live together in the United States and had even talked until their wedding, however, the OnlyFans Yanet came to change everything completely in their relationship.

It should be noted that what was known so far, Lewis was very liberal and did not care that Yanet was attractive on social networks.

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However, it did not seem that she had an account in OnlyFans, where people pay and also demands quite risque content or even how God brought her into the world.

This is how it seems that he could not handle jealousy and told him that one thing was to be attractive and another was to show his intimate parts, because that did not go with him.

In this way, Lewis gave him a choice and ended up losing, since Yanet has also made a lot of money, so he told him that no man was going to restrict her, so he deleted all the photos he had with him on Instagram.

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Although I am going to confess something to you, Yanet no longer fought for the relationship because she already had her eye on another man, ”said the source.

It seems that now she is dating Dr. Mike Varshavski, better known as Dr. Mike, who is a specialist in family medicine, a famous personality in the US and in various parts of the world.

He is 31 years old and various publications have named him the sexiest and most handsome doctor in the world ”.

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As I indicate, they are barely dating, however, Mike is very interested in her and vice versa. It should be noted that they have not been captured together, since they are waiting to see if something more formal is given to say it publicly.

To prevent people from canceling their subscription, Yanet will renew the content, it will be a little more atr3v1da, although without completely d3snudging it, because it knows that it must please its public because it has made a lot of money there ”.

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