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Thanks to the Internet, companies from the beginning of the century found a new way to promote their products and services apart from being in contact with their followers. The video game industry is no exception and one of those that uses social media to position its brand is SEGA. The people who manage the accounts have a great responsibility, since they are the ones who have direct contact with the followers. One that has been very popular in recent years was Sonic the Hedgehog, but unfortunately the account manager announced that he will be leaving his post.

Through a statement on Twitter, Aaron Webber, the person who has held the reins of the official Sonic the Hedgehog account in recent years, announced that he will leave his position. Normally such a change would not be as important in the industry, but things are a bit different with Webber and the Sonic the Hedgehog account, as he managed to regain a bit of Sonic’s prestige among fans when the series went through his worst moment.

Aaron Webber meant a breath of fresh air for Sonic

Sonic Boom was released in 2014 and it was a mess and joined the recent hedgehog games, which had left a lot to be desired. At this time, the series was hitting rock bottom.

« Some of you may remember, but back then, Sonic was in a bad position. Their last game had failed, the entire San Francisco office was closing, and SEGA was moving to Los Angeles. If things did not improve for Sonic, and soon, he was worried about what the future held, « Webber recalled.

The former member of the Sonic forums returned to take charge of the brand’s public relations at the request of SEGA, but the mission was very complicated. When he opened the Twitter account, the comments were very negative and even personal. Things were looking very bad for the brand.

According to Webber, he had to make a radical change that could even have cost him his job. Before, the messages I shared went through a corporate review, directly from Japan. But circumstances caused Webber to post messages without SEGA approval, including anything that might work, memes, fun content, and « referrals you wouldn’t expect from an official account. »

Webber’s daring move paid off

Soon Webber’s uncertainty turned into a sense of relief to see that on the first day of this change 30,000 people followed the account and continued to grow several million more thereafter.

“The goal was to make them laugh and try to embody some of Sonic’s attitude from the 90s throughout the trip. I hope I have been able to improve their days and draw a smile on their faces on several occasions in the past 5 years, « said Webber.

As of today, the Sonic the Hedgehog account has almost 6 million followers. To give you an idea, Nintendo of America, the main Nintendo account, has just over 10 million followers on Twitter. The difference is noticeable, but keep in mind that SEGA does not make as many announcements as Nintendo.

Sonic’s account will retain its identity

The important SEGA member will leave his position, but will not leave the company. In addition, he said that despite his departure, things for Sonic the Hedgehog will remain unchanged.

Finally, Webber took the opportunity to thank many SEGA creatives who made various projects come true over the past 5 years. Among them were Takashi Iizuka (key creative of the Sonic Team), and Tyson Hesse, who not only worked on Sonic Mania, but left all his projects aside to lead the redesign of Sonic in his film. He also thanked the fans for all their support and passion on this trip.

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As for news related to Sonic and SEGA, we tell you that an event full of surprises will take place very soon and many think that there the company could reveal the new game of the hedgehog.

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