Also in this same sense we also find the proposal of Google, products that interact in our day to day every day in a more habitual way. In fact, these elements are not only part of and help us at home, but they also help us in cars. But of course, being able to control the lights or home appliances through these speakers, has an additional cost, as it could not be otherwise.

In any case, these are gradually being standardized to a great extent, so they already reach almost everyone, so their prices, go down. Of course, whenever we can find them on sale or on sale, it will be highly appreciated, as is the case. And it is that in these same lines we are going to talk about precisely that, we refer to the Amazon Echo with Alexa discounted at this time. What’s more, these are not the only products that you can find right now with significant discounts. And it is that Amazon presents others such as the successful Amazon Fire TV

It is for all these reasons that we recommend that you pay attention to these offers on the giant’s proprietary devices. electronic commerce. Surely we find something of interest that also allows us to save a few euros. With everything and with it, if you run into any problem with Amazon shipments, we have several alternatives to solve them.

Amazon Echo and other products with significant discounts

Amazon Fire TV Stick

We are going to start with the offers that we have been talking about with Amazon Fire TV Stick. So you can play all kinds of multimedia content on your TV via streaming, also this Fire TV includes its own I send compatible with Alexa.

Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD

And in the event that we need to play content via streaming with 4K qualityWe recommend that you opt for the Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD.

Alexa Echo Dot third generation

Similarly and with a 42% discount we find the third generation Alexa Echo Dot smart speaker in anthracite to control all kinds of devices with the voice.

Alexa Echo Dot with watch

You can also choose, with a 36% discount, this same smart speaker but with integrated clock and in light gray color.

Echo Show 5

On the assumption that what you really want is a Alexa speaker of this type, but with its own screen, we also have two interesting solutions. On the one hand and with a 44% discount, we find the Echo Show 5 which in turn has a 5.5-inch screen.

Echo Show 8

Likewise and with a slightly larger screen and with 50 euros discount, we can also opt for the Echo Show 8.

Amazon Echo

In order to obtain the best sound, if for example we are lovers of musicThese two may be the best solutions when purchasing a smart speaker. On the one hand we find the third-generation Amazon Echo with Alexa and a 35% discount.

Echo Plus

In addition and equally to obtain a sound quality improved, we can also opt for the second-generation Echo Plus model reduced by 43%.

Other Amazon smart devices on sale

Blink Mini

Blink XT2

Blink security camera system