AJ Styles was buried alive in the exceptional Boneyard Match by The Undertaker on the first day of WWE WrestleMania 36. The chilling image of a fake arm emerging from the grave led us to believe that we will not be able to see Styles on television any time soon. And that could be the case in the future.

AJ Styles’ future in WWE

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer speculated that AJ Styles will stay away from WWE programming for a time to sell the story.

However, he did note that The Phenomenal One is not actually hurt. There were rumors that Styles is likely to undergo surgery to repair a shoulder injury and the end of the Boneyard Match was booked to get him off television.

Meltzer clarified that Styles is not injured and that his previous injury had no role to play in how the end of the fight was scheduled.

AJ will probably sell the story for a while. As if AJ was going to have surgery, he might have seen how, “Okay, AJ is going to have surgery and this was the end.” That was not all. AJ is not injured. That was just the end they decided on and now he has to live this somehow and be buried alive.

AJ Styles injured his shoulder during his Royal Rumble fight and there was a time when he was really concerned that his match against The Undertaker didn’t go through.

Fortunately for WWE and AJ Styles himself, the injury was not serious and the company protected him until Boneyard’s fight was filmed the night of March 25.

The one-off showdown between AJ Styles and The Undertaker was one of the positive conclusions from WrestleMania this year and fans are looking forward to witnessing more similar matchups in the future.

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