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After some leaks, Microsoft finally confirmed the existence of Xbox Series S. Months ago we also had rumors related to the future of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox LIVE Gold for the new generation.

In case you don’t remember, part of the community believes that Xbox LIVE Gold could become free or disappear. In addition, journalists say that soon there will be another compelling reason to be an Xbox Game Pass user.

The months have passed and announcements about Microsoft services have not arrived. According to recent reports, this is due to a delay in the disclosure of the information, such as happened with the presentation of Xbox Series S.

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Soon there would be an event with news of Xbox LIVE Gold and Game Pass

Following the leaks of Microsoft’s other console, multiple sources reaffirmed that there will be news about Xbox’s stellar services soon. Jeff Grubb, a journalist writing for Venture Beat, has claimed in the past that Xbox LIVE Gold will disappear and multiplayer will become free.

Someone questioned him about this supposed announcement and Grubb claimed that it has been delayed as it happened with the price and date of Xbox Series X, as well as the reveal of Xbox Series S.

Additionally, he again mentioned an impending announcement related to Xbox Game Pass. Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, agrees on this, stating that Xbox has an event planned for this month.

« There will also be a new addition to their Xbox Game Pass service to increase the overall value for new and current subscribers, » said Ahmad. For now, there is no exact information on the news that Xbox is preparing.

It goes without saying that the information has not been confirmed by Microsoft for now. Although the details come from good sources, we will have to wait for an official confirmation from the company.

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Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will debut later this year. Look for this link for all the news related to the new consoles.

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