Impact Wrestling will record two months of television in Nashville. The company will be recording this week in the city of Tennessee.

Impact Wrestling to record two months of television in Nashville

Impact Wrestling it is pointed to the fashion of recording television programs in empty stages during the coronavirus pandemic.

The company will be recording two months of television in the next three days, according to what Dave Meltzer has learned after Tommy Dreamer announced on Busted Open Radio on Tuesday that he had driven 700 kilometers to reach the location where these recordings will be made.

Dave Meltzer also informed that some of the most important talents of the company will not be in said recordings but he also said that he did not have the complete list of the talent that was going to be in these recordings.

In addition Mike Johnson of PWInsider also comments that the company intends to continue with the PPV, Lockdown and it would not be surprising if it was recorded these days and that the program became a weekly Impact special.

Johnson himself has also commented that in the program Two more matches will be announced for Impact Wrestling tonight for said PPV.

As with WWE and the state of Florida, it is unknown how the company will be able to assert that its work is essential to skip the two-week confinement that was declared by the governor of the state of Tennessee at the end of March.

Recall that Impact would still have material for this week’s program and for two more weeks if they use all the material recorded in Las Vegas.

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