Impact Wrestling wants to rise from its ashes and He made this clear with the recent returns to his ranks.

From Slammiversary 2020, a before and after was marked in the company with new and old familiar faces of fighters.

Returns like that of Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin (The Motor City Machine Guns) and ECIII They are key to attracting the old public that saw the extinct TNA.

In addition to this we saw the debut of Heath Slater and The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) as the ‘new blood’ of the company.

All the talent already signed up in the company, plus the one it is already makes us believe that it will rise from its ashes as ‘Phoenix bird’.

Now she has everything to return to the place she once had as the main rival of WWE because they are betting on the ‘old blood’.

The above was noted when The Motor City Machine Guns won the tag team championships and, surely, the new monarch will be of the old guard.

Another factor they have for success is that Dixie Carter is no longer at Impact Wrestling, as she was responsible for the company’s decline.

In fact, AJ Styles pointed out all the mistakes of Carter on TNA and how it led to her fall in the Monday Night Wars.

And it is that Impact is submerged in a crisis of the that he has not been able to get up, but he is far from his disappearance.

It is time for the old fans to return to the product because it has everything to even unseat AEW.

There is no doubt that Impact Wrestling will rise if They take the company on the right track to engage people.

With all this, the new public must be attracted by making a correct brand positioning and not applying the old formula that led them to the hole.

There is no doubt that Impact Wrestling continues being important although it is not the same as before, but the memories of the extinct TNA still live.