Imitate Kimberly Loaiza 9 cute pregnant photos!

Imitate Kimberly Loaiza 9 beautiful pregnant photos! (Instagram)

Imitate Kimberly Loaiza 9 cute pregnant photos! | Instagram

The Biggest Cuteness Kimberly Loaiza shared on her channel Youtube a new video where she appears showing off a cute pregnant photoshoot.

As you well know, on February 16 of this year, his second son was born with the youtuber Juan de Dios PantojaShortly before she gave birth, she announced to her fans that she would be obviously busy with her newborn for a few days, however the content on her social networks would continue to be active.

It was so this February 20 a new video titled “Imitating photos pregnant (Jukilop) Kimberly loaiza“This lasts approximately 25 minutes, and it shows 9 photos and the process they carried out to take them.

Despite the fact that this video was published a few hours ago, it already has more than a million views and also more than 24 thousand comments, among which are how excited his fans are to see him together as a family taking this type of photos that without a doubt they are the most tender and of which they will surely keep with great love and will have some printed to decorate their home.

The young celebrity of social networks is much loved by her millions of fans, who from the moment she shared her pregnancy did nothing but pamper her with words of love and many blessings.

In order for many of his fans to realize that he had launched this new video on his channel, he shared the news on his Instagram stories, then we present the video and a list of the 8 photos that were taken, which we are looking forward to sharing on your social media.


In family

For the first image of the session, the whole family had to appear, Kima was the protagonist of the session, she carried in her little hands a sign that said “The older sister” so it appears in the foreground in the image.


Both “pregnant”

For this photograph, Juan de Dios Pantoja had to put a watermelon on his stomach glued with gray tape, to imitate an image where Kimberly Loaiza would have taped him to shut up.


A delicious juice

In this image, Kimberly Loaiza would have to have her tummy with little eyes we draw, which by the way her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja drew them, because both the baby and Kim were supposed to be drinking juice.


Percentage to give birth

Juan de Dios drew Kimberly Loaiza on her tummy a “b0mba of time”, this had the percentage of the time in which it was estimated that she would finally give birth, when they made this video the interpreter of “Apaga la luz” was missing 3 weeks to give birth in the photo they look like both.


Juan de Dios “Pregnant”

This is probably the most comical of the photographs that were taken, in it Kimberly is on the side of a tree but tries to hide her head so that Juan de Dio Pantoja’s head comes out instead of hers.


Small perspective

Juan de Dios husband of Kimberly Loaiza participated with her for this mini session, it was related to perspective, he was semi kneeling at the back of the patio and Kim Loaiza closer to the camera to make the effect of crushing him.


A hug with lights

In this photograph, Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja seemed to be embracing while both were sitting on the floor, La Lindura Mayor was on her husband’s legs, later they placed some lights (the kind you put for Christmas) for this session.


Kima and Kimberly together

Perhaps the last photograph that Kimberly Loaiza took was one of the most tender of the session, unfortunately Juan de Dios Pantoja does not appear in it, however he painted a heart on her belly, the same as later Kima “finished painting” for the photo.