Imanol Arias and Irene Meritxell separate after 11 years of romance, according to ‘Semana’

Imanol Arias and Irene Meritxell they have separated. After eleven years togethers, three and a half of them married, the actor and the designer have decided to take different ways in their lives, as reported by Semana this Wednesday.

According to what a friend of the couple tells the magazine, “Irene and Imanol are no longer together. And they haven’t been in a while.”.

“They they have a lot of affection, they will always have a special relationship, and it would not be strange if they are seen together, even if it is as friends. Nor should it be ruled out that they could resume the relationship, as has happened on other occasions, but today the reality is that they are separated, “says the same person close to the couple to the publication.

The relationship of this couple, who secretly married on November 14, four years ago in a Madrid notary’s office, without the presence of family or close friends, has gone through several crises over the years, some of which ended in temporary breaks.

It seems that this is the definitive one, as the magazine affirms. As he points out, the actor has taken refuge in his work, the play The colonel has no one to write to himby García Márquez.