Justice progresses slowly but inexorably. In June 2019, it was learned that the National Court would try Imanol Arias and Ana Duato for an alleged fiscal crime by hiding their movements from the Treasury through a network of instrumental companies. Judge Ismael Moreno then called the two protagonists of « Cuéntame HOW IT HAPPENED » along with 29 other workers and clients of Fernando Peña’s tax office.

Ana Duato and Imanol Arias, involved in the Nummaria Case

Almost a year later, the National Court issued an order to open an oral trial on June 11 against those 31 people, according to El Confidencial. This means that both Arias and Duato must sit before the judge. So far, the actors have not sought an agreement in accordance with the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office and the State Attorney, which would prevent his entry into prison as he had no record. The judge has posted a bond of about $ 2.5 million each.

The Prosecutor’s Office asks for 27 years in prison and a fine of 10 million euros for Imanol Arias for crimes against the Public Treasury. The Treasury calculates that Arias defrauded 2.78 million between 2009 and 2015. In the case of Ana Duato, she asks for 31 years in prison and another fine of 10 million euros, to which should be added another 2.4 million, which she considers to have defrauded. .

According to the State Attorney, Arias « hired the services of the Nummaria office in order to maintain an artificial corporate structure whose purpose was the concealment of income« of his » significant income from his participation in a television series. « In addition, he understands that » a remuneration was set for the actor for an amount much lower than that invoiced for the services, in the form of an annuity « , so that he used the difference to pay his personal expenses.

Collaboration with justice

In March of this same year, Arias gave a concise opinion on the judicial process, confirming his interest in collaborating. « I will return all the money and I will comply with what I am told« , he explained in declarations to Europa Press when he learned that the Advocacy asked for 27 years when considering that he had committed a crime for each exercise in which they formed part of the network of instrumental societies: four years of sentence for each exercise.

Imanol Arias has already paid 2.33 million in complementary declarations in the Treasury, which allows you to take advantage of a mitigation to reduce the sentence, but having done so with the investigation in progress, does not exempt you from adding the defrauded fee. The Treasury considers that Duato defrauded 1.9 million euros in seven years. Duato also paid 708,130 euros when the inspections began.