Did you think we were going to have a rumor break after yesterday’s event? Well no, there is not a minute to lose, because there are still many things to present and a new keynote in October in which everyone throws bets. The leaker Fudge has posted on his Twitter account an image and video of what appears to be the AirPods Studio.

The header image shows dark colored headphones, which appear to be a sports variant. That itself already tells us that we can find a range of more than one design, although beyond that there are no more details. We can’t really appreciate the size of those headphones either, there’s nothing in the picture that we can compare it to anymore.

Fudge has also posted a video in another tweet, showing a white model being put in a kind of cover which could also be a charger:

Jon Prosser strikes back with a render

The publication of these images has irritated Jon Prosser, who apparently had these same images from the AirPods Studio but had not published them to protect his source. He then published a render of headphones, in a similar way as he did with the AirTags where he already said that he did not publish the real images so as not to endanger whoever had taken them:

It must be said that these 3D images are very similar to what we see in the photo and in the short video of Fudge: a wide headband, two large headphones to cover the entire ear … and according to Jon Prosser they would be magnetic and reversible. They would have a USB-C port and its finishes could be in leather (high-end model) or metal (sports model as we have commented before).

There were those who said that these AirPods Studio were going to see the light tomorrow, but it has not been like that. Maybe we’ll see them in October or November, taking advantage of the presentation of the still pending iPhone 12 and the first Mac with Apple Silicon chip.

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