Kim Yo-jong, sister of leader Kim Jong-un, assured that the regime rejects the sending of southern delegates to the North to dialogue

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Kaesong.- North Korea Today he publicly rejected the attempts of the South to dialogue and announced that he will send troops to border areas that had been demilitarized after an agreement between the two neighbors signed in 2018.

In a statement released by the state news agency KCNA just a day after Pyongyang destroyed the inter-Korean liaison office, Kim Yo-jong, sister of leader Kim Jong-un, said the regime is rejecting sending southern delegates to the North to dialogue.

Kim Yo-jong, the note assures, « made known our position that we reject outright the sinister and tactless proposal. »

In another comment also published by KCNA, Kim herself described as « disgusting » a speech delivered by South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Monday, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the first inter-Korean summit and in which he urged the North not to back off on the approach.

Kim considered that the address did not include apologies for the sending of anti-regime propaganda pamphlets by activists from the South, which is why Pyongyang claims to have chosen to resume a belligerent attitude towards Seúk.

These words by Kim as well as the border remilitarization plans that the North Korean General Staff also communicated through KCNA today, underscore Pyongyang’s intention not to want to defuse tensions.

The North Korean military leadership confirmed today that it will send troops to the surroundings of the city of Kaesong (southwest) and Mount Kumgang (southeast), next to the border that separates the two countries.

Both zones, symbols of a North Korean cooperation that does not exist today, were demilitarized based on an agreement signed by the two Koreas at the Pyongyang summit in September 2018.

The North also assured that it will rehabilitate border guard posts and that it will restart « all kinds of military exercises » alongside the divide.

Analysts believe that the regime has found in the delivery of balloons with propaganda an excuse to toughen up a pressure strategy originated in the failed summit on denuclearization in Hanoi in February 2019.