The San Lázaro club is in its 57th anniversary and boasts of being the image of the clubs in the country. Its extensive sports and social service, not only in the Jobo Bonito neighborhood, in the southern part of the city of Santo Domingo, but to the neighboring sectors such as San Antón, San Miguel, Zona Colonial and Ciudad Nueva.

On June 2, the 57th anniversary of the founding of the San Lázaro club, Milton Díaz, its president presents that entity as “the club that has been the image of the country’s clubs.”

On this anniversary there will be no breakfast, nor festive activities for the commemoration, but there will be non-face-to-face events, via the virtual route. Traditionally, this club carries out a wide range of activities on the occasion of each anniversary, but the COVID-19 has made everything different.

Always in basket DN
Díaz also boasts that San Lázaro is the only club that has never stopped participating in the superior tournament of the National District and that ABADINA (Basketball Association of the National District) has awarded him the Club of the Year award for the second consecutive time, for its presence in the events organized by that entity and the results achieved by the conglomerate of the Jobo Bonito neighborhood.

Other events presumed by Díaz and the San Lázaro board are the seven championships achieved in the capital’s top basketball tournaments that are played at the Palacio de los Deportes, Professor Virgilio Travieso Soto, also have seven other titles won when the tournaments were played in the missing Eugenio María de Hostos court.

Another important event exhibited by the San Lázaro board are the two titles won in the National Women’s Basketball League with the team Murallas de San Lázaro.

The first directive of San Lázaro was created on June 2, 1963, in Juan Isidro Pérez street, Santomé corner, with a first directive presided over by Rafael Zabeta, Tony Pérez, who was the vice president; Vicious Angel, secretary; Rafael Armando Bodré, treasurer; Rafael Paulino, propaganda secretary; Félix Aguasanta, organizational secretary.

Great personalities who have passed in the history of the San Lázaro y Díaz club cite among them the immortal Manolito Prince, Hugo Cabrera and Faisal Abel and add to this list Julio Ernesto Florián, who will serve in the White House, the current Minister of Deportes Danilo Díaz, in addition to the Deputy Minister of Sports, Soterio Ramírez; the former Minister of Sports Felipe Payano; Rafael Uribe, current president of the Dominican Basketball Federation; Frank Herasme, former president of the Fedombal; the former members of the national basketball team Jack Michael Martínez (men), Yovanny Florián, Nancy Wilmore, Carmen Mazara, Carmen Gómez, Casilda Clemente and other luminaries of the sport such as Peter Díaz was at the time, the latter has a street in the sector that bears his name.

The dedication
Other personalities of great importance in the club have been Rigoberto Jean, to whom the 57th anniversary is dedicated and who was a director since the club’s founding and dedicated his whole life to the neighborhood. He also quotes Manuel –Cholo- Suero, Francisco -Chico- Pérez, the latter, great icons of the San Lázaro club.

Chico Pérez was the main protagonist in getting the club home, with efforts aimed at the then President Joaquín Balaguer, with the support of the engineer Bienvenido Martínez Brea.

Currently, the San Lázaro club has about six young talents on scholarships at different universities in the United States and Díaz cites Chad Baker Mazara, son of Baker López and Carmen Mazara, as well as Giovanni Valdez, Jean Carlos Valdez, Ludwing Duarte, Huáscar Pérez.

Milton Diaz
Club president San Lázaro
“We do social work”

“We deliver toys and school supplies to children from all over the sector, including San Miguel, San Antón, the Colonial zone and Ciudad Nueva,” Díaz reports. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of food rations have been delivered to people in the sector and in the surrounding neighborhoods.

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