“I’m your grandmother, the one you think is dead”

The televised disputes between Isabel Pantoja and Kiko Rivera in relation to the Cantora Case seem to have no end. If the waters seemed to be calmer, the DJ has once again added fuel to the fire with some very harsh statements that have to do with his daughter, where he tells the violent words that the tonadillera dedicated to her granddaughter the day of his birthday.

Isabel Pantoja in ‘Idol Kids’

Away from the television cameras the new battle is fought in publications, specifically, in his conversations with Mila Ximénez for his head magazine. During the day of the birthday of one of Rivera’s daughters, Isabel Pantoja decided to send a WhatsApp audio that contained a poisoned greeting, where there was no shortage of messages for his daughter-in-law: Irene Rosales.

« If your mother has time between TV and TV, let her put this audio for you. I’m your grandmother, the one they think is dead. He is risen!« were the words that the tonadillera addressed to her granddaughter. Obviously, there is a critical background towards the collaborator of ‘Viva la vida’ and, is that, these facts may be more than enough to relight the flame that sets off once again the (scarce) relationships that exist between mother and child today.

Rivera and Pantoja have no communication

Since the ‘Sálvame’ team decided to schedule a special to talk about Paquirri’s heritage, almost four million viewers became aware of the difficult situation facing Kiko Rivera. Since he was aware that Pantoja had been lying for years, their relationship has been nipped in the bud: « I have that pain! Do you know what this last year’s end has been like? Since I can remember I have spent it in Cantora. It’s so hard to be an orphan without being one!« , says the singer just before assuring that Isabel is » fucking mother « .