“I’m wearing a chestnut that you freak out”: the viral intervention in a police house due to the curfew

For a few weeks, in Spain we have been living with a curfew throughout the territory to stop the advance of COVID. The objective is to reduce nightlife, and thus curb infections.

Of course, at home, as long as the cohabitants are, you can continue to ‘go out’ partying … although without disturbing the neighbors, which for now the pandemic has not made us stop sleeping.

With these clear rules, the Police went to a home accompanied by the television program ‘En el punto de mira’, by Cuatro. The neighbors had warned that the music was very loud, but the surprise was when the tenant opened the door.

“I can’t give you the card because I don’t even know where you are from. I have a chestnut that you freak out “The man says shortly after seeing the police at his door, who despite being injured, the truth is that he always maintains quite a cordiality. Even too much.

So much so that he goes on to explain to the agents what he has consumed, “I have eaten a glass ball and I have gotten two stripes of farlopa. Like this! ”, He says, even going so far as to invite them inside.

The conversation continues with the man realizing that he is being filmed, which makes him come even higher. Of course, he recognizes that since he is not in conditions, his partner, the only other person in the house, “is better off” to attend to the agents.

Without a doubt, a scene that recalls the best moments of ‘Callejeros’.