“I’m waiting for him to arrive to leave”

On Monday, January 25, ‘The debate of temptations’ debuted in the third edition of ‘The island of temptations’, with Sandra Barneda at the helm. An occasion in which the format recovered the most emblematic couple of the second edition, Tom Brusse and Melyssa Pinto, who were meeting face to face for the first time in months. However, During a meeting in which Brusse was remorseful while his ex-girlfriend gave him some acid advice, an angry Sandra Pica burst in, by video call, at the affectionate words that her partner dedicated to Pinto.

Melyssa, Sandra and Tom in ‘The Debate of Temptations’

« I have loved her very much, I have her in my heart, but now I am with Sandra », Tom acknowledged, in the middle of the debate with Melyssa. A few words before which Suso Álvarez bet that Pica was « packing his bags », just before the aforementioned intervened by video call, angry, and pointed out that the collaborator « has summed up pretty well what I have in my head. » « It’s not the feeling I get at home, » Sandra defended, about her partner’s words to her ex-girlfriend. « It has bothered me, I am tired of that subject. For me, it is the past. If for the two of them, it is not, let each one make his life », declared the guest, after which Terelu Campos intervened to increase the tension of the newcomer, to whom she confessed that she had detected certain « glances » between Tom and Melyssa during the previous publicity. « Do you see me looking surprised after what I just saw? », Launched the Barcelona, ​​annoyed, about it.

« I’m waiting for him to arrive to go home, because I don’t think I can do anything else. It’s over. »Sandra blurted out, after which Melyssa wanted to clarify that she had looked at Tom and laughed because she was amused by Suso’s comment. « No, if you have been happy, because it has been seen in your face for leagues, » Pica replied, towards Brusse’s ex-girlfriend. « For me you are just as important as I was for you in your day on the island, therefore I do not owe you anything. Whether I am happy or not, it is my problem, » replied the aforementioned, forceful, before which Sandra criticized that, « to not want to talk, now you come and sit down. » « I don’t do a show like you do in my life, you say that your life is talked about, but you come to TV all the time », counterattacked the Girona. « I have come today because I feel prepared, because I feel like it, just like you come when you come, darling. I have nothing else to talk to you, » Melyssa added, after reminding Sandra that « I have not come any time » to television after the last debate of the previous edition of the reality show.

« Let him cry, because I have cried a lot »

« I’d like to know what I’ve done wrong, » Tom chimed in then, quite annoyed. « I would like you to respect, » protested Pica, who blamed her partner that « You don’t say the same at home at all » about Melyssa, « I mean, you’re lying to me. » « But we never talk about Melyssa, because she always overwhelms you. We can’t talk about it. », argued the aforementioned, before which his girlfriend pointed out that Brusse said of his ex-partner that « she is nobody, that she is not important in his life, that he does not feel anything towards her. » « Let him cry, because I have cried a lot and I am fed up. I have only asked for respect, because I deserve it, I have earned it », launched the Barcelona, ​​when some collaborators pointed to the possibility that Tom was going to « break » in direct. « I expected something very different from him, which is part of his past. And he is showing that it is not like that ». « The part of forgiveness for the damage I can understand. It seems polite to me and for her it was a hard moment, » added Pica, making mention of the apology that Tom had given to Melyssa, after which he reproached her for having dedicated words of affection to his ex-girlfriend « knowing how I’ve been through it. »