Àngel Llàcer returns to Spanish Television as presenter of ‘Blocked by the wall’, a fun and innovative Japanese that will compete against ‘The roulette wheel of luck’ in the noon slot. After the recordings of ‘Tu cara me suena’ stopped due to the coronavirus crisis, the president of the jury embarks on this project together with the producer Gestmusic Endemol. Although it confirms that his return to the talent show of Antena 3 is more than assured.

The versatile Catalan actor has an extensive career on the small screen, where he stands out his unforgettable facet as professor and director of the ‘Operación Triunfo’ Academy both on La 1 and Telecinco, as well as host of ‘OT chat’. In addition, it has presented other formats such as ‘Little great geniuses’, ‘Anonymous’, ‘The national toilet brush’ or ‘Comics’.

FormulaTV has spoken with Llàcer to find out the keys to the game show ‘Blocked by the wall’ and know how this project will combine, in the case of renewing for another season, with the final stretch of ‘Your face sounds like me’. In addition, he opines on his colleagues Ivan Labanda in ‘OT 2020’ and confesses if he would be willing to return to the talent show.

Àngel Llàcer, presenter of ‘Blocked by the wall’

You take up your role as presenter with ‘Blocked by the wall’, did you want to put yourself in front of a program again?

The truth is that if. Whether presenting as a collaborator or jury, you have to contribute your way of being in each project. So I always say that people are very important. I bring that casual, fresh, enthusiastic and spontaneous tone.

What type of contest presenter are you going to be, more focused on asking the questions or are you going to be a more showman?

A bit of everything. There are many questions that I have to ask but I also talk to the contestants, I make them laugh, they tell me their things … I want to search for the truth. We are all in one way and that is one of the things that unites me to people, that I am very real and there is nothing false about what I do. People greet me as if they have known me all my life, from a very familiar point of view. I am just as I am.

Are we going to see you uploaded on the wall?

I leave that to the contestants because they are two meters down (laughs). Not yet. What I’m going to try is to help the contestants, I’m always going to go for them and against the wall. Although the same then change, depends. The wall will behave better or worse depending on how they answer the questions. ‘Blocked by the wall’ is a fun and dynamic program where you have to answer questions, games or riddles with a wall that can throw you into the abyss. That combination of nerves, real vertigo and responding makes me very funny.

Are we going to recover a bit the spirit of ‘Summer Grand Prix’ or ‘Yellow Humor’ with contestants doing themselves a little damage?

I hope they don’t hurt each other that have to last me. We see them fall but you never see where they fall. Whoever wins returns the next day and I have to keep them healthy.

Have you noticed the Japanese version?

No, I saw a video but they are screaming a lot.

Well, you are also screaming a little …

Nerd. You remember me screaming because that’s what people remember, but I have to scream 1% of the time I speak.

Àngel Llàcer, host of ‘Blocked by the wall’

I imagine it is being an atypical recording, how are health security measures affecting this?

In the castings there were people who had passed the confinement together, but now in the new normality, anyone can come. At the program level, I am not going to approach them because we are literally separated by an abyss. The safety distance is assured.

I’m not planning to compete with ‘The roulette wheel of luck’

‘Blocked by the wall’ opens in a strip where it competes with the consolidated ‘The roulette wheel of luck’, do you think you can stand up to it?

I do not consider that, I will try to do the best I can. The contest is fun, different and new. It comes at a time when we came out of a very strong shake and I think you will like it. I never think about competing with anyone, I try to do my best. The competitions I do not do, it is a matter of those who make the grills and think about competing. I will do my best and as much fun as possible.

I am committed to making the remaining installments of ‘Your face sounds familiar to me’

If the show is a success and ends up being renewed for a second season, how will you combine ‘Blocked by the wall’ with ‘Your face sounds to me’ in September?

In September I don’t know if he will return. But I have the commitment to finish ‘Your face sounds to me’, which is what I talked about when this came out of TVE. At the time of writing the contract there have been no problems. I am committed to making the remaining installments of the talent show. There is no problem.

What do you think awaits us in the final stretch of ‘Your face sounds to me’? Likewise, the contestants turn a little green after confinement.

I don’t know, it depends on the time they have sung. We are all going to be greener after being locked up for so long. People want to know how it ends. Replenishments are still being viewed. Now we will enter the live shows, which is when people from home vote.

Manel Fuentes with the jury of ‘Tu cara me suena’

Although it is not up to you, I understand that this delay with the final stretch of the eighth edition could delay the ninth.

I have no idea. Sometimes the chain decides to let the format rest and others that we finished one and started another.

You have recorded the pilot of an interview program, titled ‘Burradas’, with Gestmusic.

The show shows a facet of mine that people don’t know much about because I’m always the most histrionic. There I am sitting on a donkey and talking to people about the divine and the human. Maybe with this program they know me in a different way: from the funniest to the tender or the empathetic. It’s still in the air but I don’t lose hope.

How have you seen your partner Iván Labanda in ‘OT 2020’? Somehow, it has been your successor in this format.

Wonderful. He is an actor who has been in all the shows I have done, he is my artistic partner in ‘La jaula de las locas’. We both have a similar way of understanding theater, we are from the same school.

Although you have another artistic partner that you have been with for several decades … How did you and Manu Guix achieve that long-lasting union?

Respecting each other. I love what he does and what I do he loves. He makes my ideas improve and he makes his do it. That is why we have maintained ourselves since 1997.

Do you already know what your next project will be after ‘La cage de las locas’?

We’re in it, but I’m not going to tell you. You will like.

Àngel Llàcer at the ‘Operación Triunfo’ Academy

We continue to fondly remember your time as a teacher or director of the ‘OT’ Academy, which students are you most proud of?

The contest is a platform for them to get to know you, and that’s when your career really begins. There are people who have known how to manage it better and others worse. I am glad of everyone’s success. Once you leave the Academy it is when you have to start working. If I had been as a student I would have taken advantage of it to learn, because the professionals there are are very good. When you are a teacher the only thing you do is share some time with them, I don’t know if you can teach. You can use that later, even a little bit. I remember that the level of demand and pace of work was brutal and that is great.

I’m open to go back to ‘OT’, but I think they don’t need me anymore

Would you have liked to be part of the last three edition of the talent show?

I’ve had so much work that I haven’t even considered it. But I feel very mine, because there is Noemi Galera, Manu Guix, Capde … I go there and I feel like I have never left.

Would you be open to returning to a future edition of ‘Operación Triunfo’?

Yes, but I think they don’t need me anymore. You have to be in places when they need you, when you can no longer go like Mary Poppins, who takes the umbrella and leaves.

But then they do the sequel, « The Return of Mary Poppins. »

(Laughter) We’ll see …