Interview with Keith Lee

Interview with Keith Lee | In addition to WrestleMania, other WWE shows like Raw, SmackDown, 205 Live and NXT will be held at the company’s Orlando Performance Center, behind closed doors and without an audience. The actual North American NXT champion Keith Lee He talks about the next chapter and what it means for him to be in this competition.

Keith Lee He arrived at NXT in 2018 and makes a positive balance of these two years. “NXT is a mix of things. On the one hand, it is an inclusive show that tries to make sure that you give fans what they want and that they enjoy it, with a certain level of passion in it. And on the other hand, we try to produce the best possible wrestling product. For me, the goal is to follow this path. Not only for NXT but also for my own brand. “

He also analyzes his role in Royal Rumble 2020, stating that “I felt that was where I should be… the reaction I received from 42,000 people, who really wanted to see Keith Lee, was a bit unexpected. Maybe in the future a Keith Lee against Brock Lesnar will be possible, because I feel that I am one of the few who can come face to face with him. And I hope this can come to fruition. ”

Regarding the current situation, he comments that “sometimes these moments are good to give the opportunity to reflect on life. Maybe some people will help prioritize and those who don’t, well, having some form of entertainment will be positive. ”

The new original WWE show, an anime?

When asked if he could create an original program for WWE Network, Keith Lee answers that “in all honesty, my goal is to be Keith Lee in an anime version, to have a wrestling anime. I want this to be part of my entry into the ring, from titantron to merchandising and the like … And with Superstars who have superpowers. The ring should be four times the size of the current one. Tournament-style fights with stories outside the ring … “

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