“I’m not going to put on a poker face if I don’t like something or someone on ‘Love Island'”

The presenter Cristina Pedroche, with the spontaneity that characterizes her, takes the lead of Love Island, a reality show that will broadcast Neox from this Sunday and in which the contestants must find a partner, either for love or for strategy, since the one that remains loose will be eliminated.

The format will be issued with only 24 hours delay and the viewers will be able to interact with the contestants and vote on their future with the show’s mobile app. Pedroche will follow everything that happens on the ground, will be with the contestants at key moments and will act as the common thread of all events.

The islanders, as the contestants are called, are young people with good looks. They don’t seem to need TV to flirt, what is their motivation There comes a time when we all need some fresh air, go out, have fun, have fun experiences that have not been possible due to circumstances. And these young people have not been able to go out or have parties for a long time and now they will spend six weeks living with people their age, having a good time, with parties …

Reality shows are the ideal place to uncover people … We have done a brutal casting, with many physical and psychological tests. They are people who come to have a good time, not who come learned and play a role. And, even if they did, the truth comes out.

Would it thrill you to see true love emerge? Hopefully a definitive couple will come out and get married, but we must not forget that the purpose of this contest is to win the 25,000 euros that there is as a prize and that they are for the winning couple and there will not only be love, there could also be strategies.

You are very expressive… Will you be able to put on a poker face if you don’t like someone or something you don’t like? The format is done and it is what it is, but each presenter or presenter has given it their air. I’m not going to put on a poker face if I don’t like something or someone, it’s going to show me. It’s absurd, because I’m a very bad poker player. If I have good cards, it shows that I am nervous and waiting to speak to raise the stakes.

They are boys and girls who flirt. Were you good at it? I don’t even remember how it was linked. I’ve never been much of a flirt. They are professionals when it comes to flirting.

What advice would you give to keep love once found? Let them get carried away, let them feel at every moment as it comes to them, that they do not plan or think about things too much. In love you have to let yourself go and trust the other person.

Do we eat our heads a lot with love? Is easier than it looks like? I do not think it is easy or difficult, like everything in life in general, we complicate ourselves a lot, we worry more than occupy ourselves. 99% of the time we are thinking more about the past and the future than living in the present. And the here and now is the only time that is truly real.

Is there a lot of reality in a reality show? It is what they have: they are reality. They will be recorded for 24 hours and no matter how much you want to play a role or have a strategy in the end, what you have inside comes out. We are going to mark certain games, we are going to script what we have to do in that sense, nothing more, but then they are the ones who decide how to behave and if they like one or more another partner.

Do you like reality shows? Lately we have seen a lot of criticism of that format. The reality shows give life and complement the television offer. The reality shows are the most and they contribute a lot. You decide if you want to see it or not. I am very much in favor of this format, I love it. When I was called to present this program I was very excited because I already knew the UK version and it is a dream to present Love Island.

You were the first Spanish to have a million followers on Twitter and now you have three million on Instagram, do you like the posture? The social networks with which everything is posed are very stigmatized and I think they are not. In fact, many times they beat me up and I get into polemics because I am real, I show the days that I am bad, or angry, or I am with my period … things that are not supposed to be discussed on social networks.

Show yourself as is the secret? Social networks are private even if they are shown to everyone. Whoever wants to follow me, go ahead, whoever doesn’t, fine. I show myself how I am and how I feel like it. That is the success of social networks and mine too.

Will you be able to see your husband, David Muñoz, during the months of recording in the Canary Islands? I’m going to be coming and going as long as my schedule allows, because I want to also be on Zapeando and promoting Love Island.

Are you concerned that television is a very intermittent medium when it comes to work? Thank God I haven’t stopped working since I started I know what you did… eleven years ago. And if ever I have not had projects, I have invented them or I have looked for new challenges or challenges to face.