“I’m going blind,” ex-rebel was honest about her fight

“I’m going blind,” ex Rebelde opened up about her fight | Instagram

The actress Allisson lozz She was honest about her hard personal struggle, as she is going through perhaps the most difficult moment of her life, since she will lose her sight completely and unfortunately the doctors confirmed that she is not a candidate for surgery.

Allisson Lozz is recognized for having participated in several youth novels, such as “Alegrijes y Rebujos”, “Misión SOS” and “Rebel“, where she played Bianca Delight Abril.

However, it was in 2010 when Allisson decided to retire completely from show business to focus on his private and family life.

Now, the former actress lives with her husband and her two daughters, London Rose and Sidney, in Colorado, but unfortunately she is going through a difficult time and through her social networks, Lozz I confess that it will stay blind in a few years.

It was in a video that he shared on his official Instagram account where Allisson told his more than 90,000 followers that according to the doctors’ diagnosis, he will lose his sight in approximately two years.

I’ve been very blind since I was a young girl and they told me that by 30 I would no longer see anything. So, I’m 28, two are missing to see nothing according to, let’s hope that technology advances more, but yes, “he revealed.

The former actress also pointed out that since second grade she has worn glasses, and that after undergoing surgery, the doctors told her that she was not a candidate for surgery, since her cornea is quite damaged.

When I was 18 years old, I was happy because I was already going to have my laser surgery. And I was living in Chihuahua at that time. And they told me, ‘You can’t, your retina is very thin, your eye is very oval – I have very big eyes, as you can see – so you are not a candidate for surgery. “

“Almost dead, that’s what I’ve waited for since I can remember. I have been wearing glasses since I was in second grade, so I wanted to have surgery, it was what I wanted the most. My husband, my dad accompanied me, we were all excited and they gave me that news, “he added.

And although he sought a second opinion, and went to a prestigious clinic in the US, the response he received was the same.

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Obviously that news for me was horrible and I came to the US to corroborate. I went to a very good clinic in Texas, but they told me the same thing, exactly the same thing ”.

However, despite the prognosis of the doctors, she still has faith, and hopes that in the coming years technology will advance and can maintain the view.

As you may recall, during her childhood and adolescence, Lozz was one of the most recognized Mexican actresses on the small screen, and participated in successful series.

On the other hand, mid-November was controversial after he finally decided to tell the true reasons for his retirement from acting.

He assured that although they were getting a lot of recognition from the Mexican public, that did not mean that they were paid very well.

You will be surprised that many of my fellow actors and my family and I were very, very poor financially. Paying rent, viles and the apparent luxurious life that an artist leads made the little money they gave us go there. “

In addition, he pointed out that they could not ask for raises, since they were told that they were not essential, but that they could not reveal their financial difficulties to continue selling the glamorous life of celebrities.

If you didn’t do outside commercials, you didn’t really earn anything. “

In fact, something that few know about the singer is that when she decided to retire from soap operas, the young woman changed her religion and is now one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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