“I’m fed up, I just want to get my life back”, declares Britney Spears before the court – El Sol de México

Britney Spears requested this Wednesday to end the legal guardianship by which her father has controlled her life for 13 years, a legal figure that she described as “abusive and absurd” and pointed out that all she wants is “to get her life back.”

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The singer assured a court in Los Angeles during a telephone interview that “this guardianship is paying the salary of many people.”

“I’m fed up, I’m not happy, I can’t sleep and I felt drugged,” were some of the forceful statements that the singer made to the court.

This is the first time that Spears publicly opposes the control that her father exercises over all public and private aspects of her life by a court decision that dates back to 2008 after a period of erratic behavior.

“It doesn’t make sense for a person under legal guardianship to make money,” said the artist, who, while still under continuous legal supervision, starred in a show in Las Vegas that generated millions of dollars in tickets.

Spears repeatedly expressed her willingness to end the guardianship and refused to be re-evaluated by “strangers.”

However, his lawyer, Samuel Ingham, did not formalize that request in court and the two parties will meet again on a date yet to be set.

“Enough already”

In the rest of her speech, Spears defined her life during these 13 years as a kidnapping in which she is not free to speak to the press, give interviews, get married or start a family.

“I want my life again, enough already. I have an IUD (intrauterine device) in my body at the moment that does not let me have a baby, and my guardians do not let me go to the doctor to remove it,” implored the star .

The artist confessed that in her last statement in court, in 2019, she did not feel heard and then thought that “no one would believe her” and that they would laugh at her.

“I would like to sue my family and share my story with the world,” he concluded.

His lawyer assured that his client’s testimony was not edited, filtered or controlled. What the court heard was Britney in her purest form, a woman who was at the top of the music industry and who was silenced.

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For its part, the legal team of her father, Jamie Spears, refused to respond to Spears’ testimony in order to “preserve her privacy” and not to expose “details of her health condition” in a public hearing and in the presence of journalists.

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