“I’m afraid of not falling in love like I was with Manuel”

On Thursday, February 18, the third edition of ‘The island of temptations’ reached its fifth installment on Telecinco, after the second bonfire of the reality show participants was held. In it, Lucía Sánchez showed a quite serene reaction, although angry, after seeing how her boyfriend, Manu González, not only kissed with Stefany Martínez, but also with Fiama Rodríguez. Nevertheless, Everything changed the next morning when, upon waking up, the woman from Cádiz began to cry, depressed at the thought of her partner, at which point she received the support of all her companions.

Lucía breaks into tears and shows her head down with her companions in ‘The island of temptations’

« After the bonfire I was surprisingly well, but I knew that, at any moment, I was going to crash, » Lucia acknowledged before the cameras. « How has he been able to lie for so long? », Asked the woman from Cádiz, alone with Lola Mencía, in the room, to which the Leonese replied « because he’s an asshole ». « I thought he was someone else, « Sánchez confessed, and later regretted that » my life revolves around him, I don’t do anything other than be with him. What do I do now? ». « Living your life, you yourself said that it was stagnating you because it was a thrown that did nothing more than want to live on you. Did you really want that in your life? », Said his partner. « I have been deceived and I have been deceiving myself because I knew that, deep down, he was like that, » reflected Lucia, alone before the cameras.

The state of mind of the Cádiz woman did not improve when she met with the rest of her companions for breakfast. « What happened to me yesterday, why didn’t I feel anything? »Sánchez wondered, confused and unable to stop crying. « It was the moment of shock, like when you find out that a relative has died and you are in shock. And you do not react until later, » explained Marina García, understanding, who thought that Lucia « kept it so much inside , that when the time has passed, it broke « . Did you see Manuel talk about me? « Lucía asked, already knowing the answer, after which Lola remembered that the man from Cádiz had only spoken about her to qualify her as » super jealous. Nothing but badmouthing.  » « He seems to me a scoundrel and an ungrateful one. She deserves something better, that they give Manuel by sack », declared the lion about it.

« I realized I didn’t feel so much for her »

« I am a person who likes to start a family, have a partner, but I’m afraid of not being able to fall in love as I was with him. If I’m not like that, I don’t want to be with anyone », declared Lucia, during the conversation with her companions, after which she was somewhat more optimistic. « From now on, I have to love myself before anyone else, » said the woman from Cádiz while, on the opposite side of the coin, Manuel talked with his colleagues about his relationship with the woman from Cádiz in very different terms. « I hurt him a lot by cheating on him, but I have sucked a lot for his behavior and his character »González confessed, to which he added, before the cameras, that « in many moments of my relationship I have felt as if I were in a room, locked up. And I have knocked the walls down. » « I have focused so much on her that I thought I was completely in love, but I have arrived here and, in a matter of days, I have realized that I did not feel for her as much as I thought, » said Manuel.