Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has already released its new version 8.0.0, which means that Min Min, the first fighter of the second «Fighters’ Pass »is now available. In addition, since this arrival was an event that the players were eagerly waiting for, the Big N has celebrated it in a big way, since it has decided to share through social networks a new illustration showing us the queen of fried noodles leaving the skin to be at the height of those fighters who have already been in this crossover fighting game in which the best meet.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate now features a new Min Min illustration

Min Min has already arrived at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to demonstrate that she can also be the best in this title, after having already made it more than clear in the different ARMS tournaments. Thus, to celebrate it, the Great N has shared through the official account of the social network Twitter a new illustration in which we can see how this new member of the most extensive fight in the world of video games shares the limelight with other characters from classic Nintendo sagas. And it is a great celebration that no player should miss!

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In this way, and with Min Min already available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the only thing we have left is to continue asking ourselves who will be the next fighter to be included in the second expansion pass, but also when it will be revealed and if by then the Presentation will have to be re-recorded from the home of Masahiro Sakurai, the game director. And you, are you ready to face Min Min or do you still need a few more hours of training?