Illinois man dies in Grand Canyon, second death in less than a week

A 60-year-old man died after hiking in the Grand Canyon, reported the authorities, which would be the second death in less than a week in the National Park.

The man was identified as William Smith, 60, of Osweg, Illinois, who completed a hike to Ooh Ahh Point.

Man dies after hike in the Grand Canyon

The events were recorded last Tuesday, at 1:20 (local time) when in the Grand Canyon Regional Communications Center A call was received, asking for help because a man presented an emergency, half a mile from the South Kaibab trail.

The man collapsed after the walk, he told the New York Post, Joelle Baird, the spokesperson for the Grand Canyon National Park.

Smith was walking with at least one other person when the emergency occurred.

High temperatures in the Grand Canyon

The spokeswoman assured that the day that Smith died, the maximum temperature in the Grand Canyon was about 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which was within normal for the month of June.

Although Baird acknowledged, that “temperatures rise slightly as you enter the canyon.”

Of course, the reason for Smith’s death has yet to be determined.

While medical support arrived, the walkers gave him cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

“Bystanders began CPR and EMS personnel from the National Park Service (NPS) responded and assisted with resuscitation efforts. All attempts to resuscitate the victim were unsuccessful, “said the National Park Service in a statement.

Investigation opened for deaths in the Grand Canyon

Faced with this situation, the NPS opened an investigation, in coordination with the Coconino County Medical Examiner, into the incident.

So far, the NPS has not provided further information on Smith’s death..

This death is the second recorded in recent days in the Grand Canyon, the first was recorded last Sunday.

According to NPS reports, last Sunday, around 1:15 a.m. (local time), a woman was declared dead, identified as Michelle Meder, 53, originally from Ohio.

According to the first reports Meder died of a presumed heat-related illness, that day temperatures reached 115 degrees.

Meder was backpacking with some friends when he became disoriented on Saturday and later fell unconscious.

But it was until Sunday, that the park rangers who responded to the call for help, found her dead.

As authorities investigate the causes of the deaths, Grand Canyon National Park rangers are advising hikers to put off challenging hikes.

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