Illa sets the date for the start of the COVID vaccination

Now that the advances in vaccines against COVID-19 are going at great speed and each time it seems closer the vaccination process, the debate is on whether it should be mandatory. And about this, the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has been quite clear: “Experts recommend that it not be mandatory because it could be counterproductive.”

In an interview with RAC1, Illa has reasoned that in Spain there is “a very high awareness” among citizens regarding the benefits of the vaccine, in such a way that it considers that “it will be enough” based on Spain “is a country with a very good vaccination tradition.”

However, it has stressed that, despite the fact that “legally” the Government could establish this obligation, what will be done is to try to “reinforce” that idea with “the truth and the benefits it entails”. “There will be a very high level of response,” he said without hesitation..

Answers to questions about the vaccination process

Salvador Illa has been asked for estimated dates so that the vaccines are distributed among the Spanish population. At first you have answered that “Sometime in January”, without wanting to give more deadlines. However, after has clarified that “most likely” by the end of May the vaccines will be close to having reached half the population.

The intention, he stressed, is “Have the majority of the population immunized” between May and July, with a process that will obviously begin in 2021. And for this, it has defended a health system “prepared and in conditions” to guarantee access to doses. In fact, He added that Spain has 13,000 vaccination points, a network that can “function perfectly with a fast and efficient pace, and with guarantees.”

Regarding vaccines, The Minister of Health has highlighted that the European strategy “is a remarkable coordination exercise”, and also the effectiveness of the Pfizer and Moderna samples: “They are the two that present an innovative technology that have yielded results that have surprised the experts.”

Support for de-escalation in Catalonia

In addition to talking about vaccines, he has also had words to analyze the Government’s de-escalation plan. “If people are responsible, as I am sure they will be, I think it is a well balanced plan”, has defended the socialist minister.

He highlighted the “very useful communication” he has with those responsible for all the autonomous regions, and has insisted on being “prudent” and not wanting to “recover” everything that could not be done with the restrictions.