“” I’ll take an omelette to Puerta del Sol “

During the last broadcast of ‘Two couples and a destination’, Anne Igartiburu opened up about the Chimes with María del Monte, her partner on the show. The presenter is one of the icons of public television in our country after her long-standing relationship with ‘Corazón’, but also for being the face of the RTVE New Year’s Eve chimes during the last 16 years.


While Igartiburu and Del Monte toured the most important points of the province of Cádiz, the Basque related how she has lived all these years « the grapes » from inside. For the presenter one of the most important things is maintain a custom inherited from your mother during that day: « On New Year’s Eve, every year I take a potato omelette to the Puerta del Sol « .

But not only that, but Anne Igartiburu surprised by stating that « after the Chimes I always have my Spanish red wine and a little bit of ham. I break my veganism and have a good ham. And also sweets that I bring from Bilbao. « In addition, he confessed that during the broadcast » nothing fits « then later all that food marks your start of the year.

The curiosity of María del Monte

As would all the spectators who had the opportunity to speak with Anne Igartiburu, María del Monte took the opportunity to clarify some aspects of that day. « Don’t you choke on grapes?« , he asked while Anne absolutely denied it. He also wanted to know if she continued to get nervous after so many years, to which the presenter answered no: »Nervous no, but I am what I am« .