Like every Friday, Iker Jiménez offers a new installment of ‘Milenio Live’, the program he performs on YouTube in the same wake as ‘Cuarto Milenio’. Last week, you already delighted your audience with a special about coronavirus, in which he had his usual collaborators, such as Carmen Porter, and experts in the field. It seems that this March 20 will continue with the same estelto and will also bring a very special guest: the doctor Jesús Candel, better known as “Spiriman”.

Iker Jiménez and Jesús Candel “Spiriman”

We say that it is special because its name has only been ringing since the COVID-19 crisis erupted. His videos are those that can be sent from any WhatsApp group and YouTube channel grows at times, accumulating to date 226,000 subscribers. Its popularity not only comes from the phenomenon per se, since it has risen to the fore of the media for starring one of the most tense interviews in ‘save me’ -and look at that is difficult- of the last months. Candel was invited to the program to talk about the pandemic and ended up scolding Jorge Javier for being on set and recriminating among expletives the performance of the Prime Minister with the crisis.

As a result of what happened, “Spiriman” denounced on his YouTube channel “censorship” by Mediaset, since the video of his interview has been blocked by the communication group. According to him, this is due to the political servility of the chain, since, as we have pointed out, he called Pedro Sánchez “shit” in full direct. For this reason, perhaps, Iker Jiménez announced the appointment in networks under the slogan of “a free interview

A Squire at Mediaset

At the same time that Candel branded Mediset as “coward”, he had a squire within him, Iker Jiménez, who came out publicly in his defense. Although he clarified that he did not share the personal disqualifications, he pointed to the great stress that the young man must be going through in recent weeks, since he works as an emergency doctor. “It is a contrast between the vehemence and the complacency of others. I prefer the first in this situation“added the presenter, who launched an invitation to any of the formats he conducts, something that will finally happen on Friday the 20th at midnight.