Iker Casillas amazes everyone by leaving Sara Carbonero aside

Everything would indicate that Iker Casillas is gradually taking a new path but without his wife Sara Carbonero; while it does the same

The story behind the separation between Iker Casillas and Sara Carboneror comes to light. Emma García’s program, Viva la vida, has proposed to air all the dirty laundry of Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero. The collaborators of this space assure that the marriage is closer and closer to breaking up, and even confirm that they already lead separate lives. Apparently, the footballer has disappointed his wife again.

However, sources close to them continue to deny the separation, and justify the strange movements of Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero with reasons that have not convinced anyone. Therefore, the journalist has made some compromising statements that show her intention to leave her relationship with her husband behind.

The Gossip portal revealed that Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero They decided to end their stay in the neighboring country in the summer of 2020. The couple said goodbye to Porto, leaving behind a crisis that was about to end their relationship. When they communicated the news that they were going to return to Madrid, they all gambled because they were going to move into their home in La finca, a luxurious urbanization in the capital.

However, apparently both Iker Casillas as Sara Carbonero They bought the house from actress Lydia Bosch, and everything suggested that it was going to be her new love nest. But his followers would be wrong, because the footballer surprised the press by buying a bachelor’s apartment. The journalist Miguel Ángel Nicolás assured in this regard: “Sara is fixing her villa in La finca, and Iker her house in Pintor Rosales”.

In the past, journalists hunted Sara carbonero entering his home, and no one has evidence that the footballer has followed in his footsteps. « It may be that each one is preparing the house alone, so that later the other goes with the family, » Miguel Ángel Nicolás has commented with some irony.

However, his network partner, José Antonio Avilés, has supported the journalist’s information, as he has assured in Viva la vida that Iker Casillas is in a hurry to finish the remodeling of his new home. Everything suggests that the new deputy director of Real Madrid is eager to leave Sara Carbonero.

Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas, apparently decided to distance themselves. Instagram photo

Sara Carbonero, a very strong woman

Sara Carbonero has faced a difficult few months. After her illness and the vicissitudes she has experienced, she has become a stronger woman, despite allegedly her relationship with the footballer Iker Casillas has taken a huge turn in recent years.
And it is that after the heart attack that the archer suffered, nothing has been the same for them. This is what the pink press would say. Iker Casillas was forced to give up the sport he loves, soccer, and has settled for following behind the scenes, while Sara Carbonero has continued her fight against cancer and has enthusiastically embarked on new projects.

All this happens while he decided to abandon his comfortable life in Portugal, to return to Spain, where rumors of crisis and separation have not stopped haunting him. So that Sara carbonero She can’t help but lose herself in her memories, something that helps her gather strength and move on, also leading her to visit nostalgia from time to time.

Sara Carbonero postponed her return to radio for Filomena

For many Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas they are not going through their best moment, and the fact is that the hard blows they have had to face in recent years are already taking their toll. It all started in May 2019 when the footballer gave the press and his fans one of the worst news of his career, as he suffered a heart attack during one of Porto’s training sessions, something after which he was forced to consider his professional future. This would lead him to think things over and make one of the most complicated decisions of his life, which implied giving up being on the front line and dedicating himself to watching football from afar, which undoubtedly put his head down. Iker Casillas.