If as parents you have received by WhatsApp the message “It is official, there is no school until September”, know that it is a lie. Classes will resume normally – that is, in person – on Monday the 13th, once the Easter holidays are over. The message, which spread like wildfire among mobiles and which confused many families, is associated with a link to the official Facebook account of the Government of Asturias, in which the latest statement that the Minister of Education posted on Saturday in Educastur’s website to partially deny that of the “general approval”.

In said statement, the head of Education, Carmen Suárez, does not say anywhere that “there is no school until September.” Perhaps the one who initiated the message was a father who misinterpreted the first words of the writing. It reads as follows: “The Ministry of Education states that, in the face of the suspension of classroom teaching activity, its priority is to guarantee the right to education for all students (…)”. Carmen Suárez refers to “the suspension of face-to-face teaching activity” to the current situation that the centers are experiencing, having to replace face-to-face classes with telematics due to the coronavirus crisis. It is not clear, since it will depend on the evolution of the pandemic, if the course will end, as at the University of Oviedo, online or the students will be able to go to the classrooms for at least fifteen days, as Minister Isabel Celaá wishes. , especially thinking of the 2nd Baccalaureate students, who are facing the EBAU.

In the statement, the Minister of Education clarifies that in the third quarter “work will be done mainly on aspects related to key competences.” “At the time of the evaluation and evaluation, which will inexcusably have to be carried out, all the work done throughout the course will be taken into account, plus the tasks that are carried out from now on, without this implying an increase in subject, but a selection of contents and competences that students must develop “, he explains.